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Xinhua Silk Road: Conference to recruit talents in dire need held in Wangcheng District of Changsha in central China


Wangcheng District of central China’s Changsha City, home place of Lei Feng, the role model for altruism in China, convened a themed conference to recruit urgently needed talents to help tackle difficult tasks in boosting industrial economy on Wednesday.

As the district introduces, it plans to recruit 689 talents that local industrial development desperately demands, 54 ones for local public institutions and 90 ones for the Qingfeng college students social practice plan.

During the conference, around 130 talents with doctoral degrees came to Wangcheng District and held offline recruitment meetings with local businesses including Ausnutria Dairy Co., Ltd., Hunan Junxin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and Hunan Viscope Technology.

Among them, 42 percent of the attendees reached initial intentions with the recruitment institutions or companies on Wednesday.

Recent years, Wangcheng District has developed a set of policies to introduce, cultivate and motivate talents and create the “Talent first” environment in a bid to better facilitate local economic growth and contribute more to Changsha’s capital economy boosting strategies.

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SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road