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Xinhua Silk Road: E.China Jiangxi Nanchang county holds promotional event to show charm, attract investment

Photo shows the opening ceremony for the sixth lotus economic, trade and cultural festival held on August 18, 2022 in Nanchang county of east China’s Jiangxi province.

Nanchang county in east China’s Jiangxi province recently kicked off its “lotus festival”, an annual economic, trade( and cultural event to promote business environment and attract investment(

With opening ceremony held on August 18, this year’s festival covers rural revitalization, digital economy and fine business environment with activities such as cultural and tourism product trade and expo, art exhibition as well as night market expected to last for four months.

In its sixth this year, the lotus economic and trade festival has become the hallmark event for Nanchang county to better promote its charm, to attracts more talents and also for local people to have fun in all sorts of cultural activities. What’s more, it has become the platform for project matching, negotiation and a booster for local development, a business participant noted.

It is introduced during the opening ceremony that digital economy and optimizing business environment are the priorities of Nanchang county this year, which has actively promoted digital industrialization and industrial digitization. The county has launched a number of digital projects such as Xiaolan · Taihao VR Industrial Park, China Mobile Jiangxi Xiaolan data center, and China Unicom’s only VR / AR research base in China.

Nanchang county has been constantly improving business environment as well. The county has been building and upgrading its online corporate services and e-government services to provide convenient, round-the-clock services for individuals and enterprises while providing favorable policies for cutting cost for businesses.

Nanchang county is the first in Jiangxi province that ranks among China’s top 100 counties. Statistics shows that its GDP reached 102.78 billion yuan in 2019, also a first among counties in Jiangxi to exceed 100 billion yuan. The county has formed a “3 + 3 + N” industrial structure of automobiles and new energy vehicles, green food, biomedicine, intelligent equipment manufacturing, semiconductors, new energy and new materials.

SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road