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Xinhua Silk Road: E. China’s Jiangsu to hold promotion and match-making event, welcoming overseas talents

Photo shows the opening ceremony of the 2021 event held by east China's Jiangsu Province to attract overseas talents.

East China’s Jiangsu Province will hold a promotion and match-making event to attract talents from overseas to work and start business in the province. The event is expected to be held in the Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing City from November 21 to 25.

Prior to this year, the event had been held annually for 16 consecutive years. To more precisely serve regional industrial development and promote in-depth match-making between industries and talents, this year’s event will primarily invite talents with overseas doctoral degrees in fields including biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, software information, integrated circuits and financial management, according to the department of human resources and social security of Jiangsu.

In addition to on-site activities such as policy promotion, information release on talent needs and match-making between talents and enterprises, this year’s event will also include activities where participants are invited to visit different cities, allowing them to have comprehensive understandings of the economic and social development status, and the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in the province.

The five-day event will be live-streamed this year, as a bid to reach more online audience and attract more overseas talents to come to Jiangsu.

Since 2006, the annual events have attracted a total of 1,709 overseas talents with doctoral degrees from 25 countries and regions to visit Jiangsu. Among them, 283 people have chosen to settle down in the province, 15 have been selected into national talent projects, and 37 have become academic leaders in local universities or research institutes. Thanks to the event, overseas talents have founded or run nearly 90 private enterprises in the province, with the total investment topped 2.4 billion yuan (about 331.09 million U.S. dollars).

With its manufacturing industry ranking national top for years, Jiangsu also holds strength in innovative development. 15.1 percent of China’s leading technologies are distributed in the province, and 20 percent of China’s exporting high-tech products are made in Jiangsu. As one of the first provinces to formulate laws on optimizing business environment, Jiangsu is committed to providing talents around the world with a welcoming business environment with lower costs, higher efficiency, more convenient trade and investment procedures, as well as more stable development expectations.

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SOURCE:Xinhua Silk Road