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Xinhua Silk Road: Foreign journalist explores unique folk culture and charm in Yichun, E. China’s Jiangxi

Photo provided to Xinhua shows Mingyue Romance Park in Mingyue Mountain of Yichun in east China's Jiangxi Province

Under Jiangxi Yichun intangible cultural heritage experience program, recently, Serik Korzhumbayev, editor in Chief of Kazakh business newspaper Delovoy Kazakhstan took a five-day in-depth experience trip in Yichun, to make close contact with unique folk culture here.

Serik Korzhumbayev visited Mingyue Mountain Scenic Area, Gao'an Ruizhou Prefectural Government Office, the Yuan Blue and White Porcelain Museum, Fengcheng Hongzhou Kilnandand etc. He experienced intangible cultural heritage items such as Wentang hot spring and sponge cake, Wanzai Victory Drum, Fengcheng Yue Family Lion Dance, Zhangbang Chinese medicinal materials processing skills.

Serik Korzhumbayev first came to the Mingyue Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Area. "Yichun Mingyue Mountain has a moving legend of Chang'e running to the moon, and the selenium-rich hot spring in Wentang township is hailed as the most wonderful hot spring in China", Yuan Chengyu, member of the Party Working Committee and director of the Party and Mass Work Department, introduced the legend and history of Mingyue Mountain.

The production of sponge cake of Yichun began in the Song Dynasty, and every time there were banquets such as weddings, birthday wine, locals would invite cooks to make sponge cakes in advance as snacks and gifts. Peng Ming, general manager of Jiangxi Haocai Food Co., Ltd. introduced while making sponge cake for guests. In 2021, the technique of making sponge cake became an intangible cultural heritage of Yichun.

Walking into the ancient city of Wanzai, the national intangible cultural heritage Wanzai Victory Drum performance attracted attention of the visiting delegation. "I have never seen such an oriental dance, both ancient and mysterious." Serik Korzhumbayev marveled while taking pictures.

Coming to Fengcheng, the delegation admired another national intangible cultural heritage project, Yue Family Lion Dance. Yue Family Lion Danceis a kind of folk art activity created by the local people of Fengcheng to commemorate the national hero Yue Fei, which originated in the Song Dynasty and was formed in the Ming Dynasty, with a history of more than 400 years.

Chinese culture is broad and profound, porcelain culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture are very famous among countries along the Belt and Road routes. This is an unforgettable trip, and I can't wait to share the folk customs and culture of Yichun to more people, Serik Korzhumbayev said after his trip.

SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road