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Xinhua Silk Road: Haier Group aims high in sci-tech innovation to embrace bright future in digital age

Photo shows Zhou Yunjie, chairman and CEO of Haier Group, is delivering a speech at the Annual Innovation Conference of the enterprise, January 17, 2021.

China’s Haier Group is striving to beef up its innovation capacity in science and technology to further cope with the challenge in digital age, according to Zhou Yunjie, chairman and CEO of Haier Group, who delivered a speech at the Annual Innovation Conference of the enterprise on Monday.

Leveraging the booming development of digital economy, Haier Group founded the Strategy and Investment Committee to strategically focus on real economy and its business with an aspiration to be the explorer and leader in the digital age.

The company has made a foray into three industries including smart home, industrial Internet and comprehensive health. Meanwhile, Haier seizes opportunities in new energy and circular economy to build itself as a pioneer in green development.

Haier Smart Home rolled out two core platforms namely Three Winged Bird Experience Cloud and Smart Home Brain, four scenarios including smart kitchen, smart air supply, smart water supply and whole-house intelligence and other digital technologies to provide consumers a user-friendly home appliance experience.

In terms of industrial Internet, the enterprise launched a world-class industrial Internet platform with the capability of digital innovation, allocating resources procured across the globe and empowering mass order customization.

Haier also has listed comprehensive health companies. Specialized in bio-safety and based on such scenarios as vaccination safety, smart blood safety and smart laboratory, Haier Biomedical tailors smart solutions for five scenarios by integrating technological innovation and becomes a leading ecosystem brand in digital healthcare infrastructure.

Apart from the Strategy and Investment Committee, Zhou also announced to set up the Science and Technology Committee, the Compensation and Nomination Committee, the Audit and Rick Control Committee, and the RenDanHeYi Leading Committee, in a bid to respond to changes in the era of Internet of Things (IoT).

Currently, Haier has pooled resources from over 20 nations and regions over the world and gathered over 200,000 experts worldwide for open innovation.

In the following three years, Haier will allocate special industrial fund of 40 billion yuan and R&D investment of 60 billion yuan to tackle core technical problems.

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SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road