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Xinhua Silk Road: Peony-themed live streaming activities kick off in C. China Henan’s Luoyang

Photo shows the Longmen Grottoes surrounded with peony flowers in Luoyang, central China's Henan Province.

The first episode of a series of peony-themed live streaming activities kicked off on Wednesday in Luoyang city, central China’s Henan Province, bringing the audience a unique online journey of the city’s peony culture and industry.

The one-hour program started with a three-minute video showcasing the history and charm of Luoyang, after which the host led the audience to visit peony-themed places in the city such as the Sui and Tang Dynasties Relics Botanical Garden, where viewers can enjoy the beauty of peony blossom, and China’s only peony museum, where culture and history of the peony industry are displayed via related items and relics.

As the city of Luoyang is striving to increase its appeal to young people, the program also featured a youth station located in the Luolong District, where young talents coming to the city can not only enjoy comprehensive infrastructures, comfortable environments and considerate services, but also receive employment and daily life guidance.

In addition, the Wan’an Mountain Resort was also introduced in the live streaming program. Through various featured tourism activities, the viewers were to get a sense of the energetic vibe of the historical city of Luoyang.

With both local and national media platforms offering channels for the live stream, the program on Wednesday morning has altogether attracted around 3.446 million views, and the related hashtag “How beautiful is the Luoyang peony” ranked 27th among the national hottest topics on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

The event will last until April 15, with an one-hour live streaming program held each day to bring the viewers to Luoyang’s major peony gardens, museums, scenic areas and other popular spots, offering an immersive experience of touring the city.

The live streaming event is a part of Luoyang’s series online campaign program, which can be accessed through an integrated H5 site containing videos, 24-hour live streams, as well as interactive activities where audiences can take pictures with the peony flowers and win cultural gifts through prize draw.

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Source: Xinhua Silk Road