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Xinhua Silk Road: Picturesque Chinese county Deqing practices green development concept in building internationalized modern garden county

Deqing practices green development concept in building internationalized modern garden county

Deqing, a beautiful county located in Huzhou city in east China coastal province Zhejiang, adheres to its green development concept in building an internationalized modern garden county.

With picturesque landscape seen everywhere, Deqing county, part of the Yangtze River Delta cities cluster, saw local tourism industry, a typical engine for green development, flourishing on abundant natural scenery and cultural resources.

For instance, Mogan Mountain international tourism resort, developed around Mogan Mountain, one of China’s four best-known summer resorts and one of the 45 places worthy of visiting recommended by the New York Times in 2012, earned 2.2 billion yuan tourism-related revenues in 2021.

Within the resort, there are not only several hundred of central European-style buildings including the reputed “naked Castle” but also many resort hotels built in accordance with international standards, which brought up development of more than 600 characteristic B&Bs.

Apart from Mogan Mountain and Xiazhu Lake wetland, one of the most beautiful wetlands in China, many other local scenic spots such as Yucun village, geographic information town, and Xinshi ancient town gradually became national 4A-level scenic zones, further enriching its tourism brands team composed of famous mountains, wetland and ancient towns.

In Deqing, smart agriculture also contributes much to its green development in shaping itself into a modern garden county. By now, the county, also the hosting county for the first Beautiful China Pastoral Expo in 2019, has built one smart agricultural cloud platform, 11 smart agriculture demonstration zones, and more than 4,000 agricultural internet of things application demonstration sites. It has also been awarded for three consecutive years the advanced county in county-level digital agriculture and rural development level evaluation.

To foster internationalized development of local industries, Deqing cultivated a batch of outdoor sport culture brands such as the Land Rover experience center and Discovery extreme theme park and attracted nearly 40,000 people to attend the TNF100, bamboo sea Marathon, and Kailas off-road events.

In September, Deqing will hold the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, via which the county will further optimize its smart governance to present the world with a more internationalized modern garden county.

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SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road