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Xonic Launches Golf’s First Ever Ai Powered Quick Tip Caddie App


–The iTQ is poised to revolutionize the game as the latest must-have tool in every golfer’s bag.

As the Masters kicks-off, Xonic (TM) ( ) announces the launch of the iTQ (TM), a new, specialized AI caddie tool that is tailored to each golfer and their swing. It’s the only mobile tool of its kind, providing golfers with real-time, customized PGA professional quick fixes and tips, to help golfers during their round, whenever they need it. There are no lessons or practice drills – the fixes and tips are designed to work right away.

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“I already had a rangefinder, I didn’t need help with club selection, and I didn’t care about all the statistics of my golf swing,” said Eileen Jurczak, Founder and CEO of Xonic. “All I wanted was an easy-to-use tool that knew my swing and would give me effective quick fixes and tips in an instant – a quick tip caddie.”

Whether it’s helping to fix that par 3 slice or getting help to hit off of a downhill lie, golfers will now be able to execute their next shot on the golf course with confidence.

“I’ve been teaching golf for almost 30 years and golfers are always asking me for quick tips,” said Dustin Kerr-Taylor, Head Golf Professional and Class A PGA Pro. “So, I think it’s great that every golfer can now have their own, personal caddie to give them PGA Pro quick tips while they play.”

What sets the iTQ apart is its advanced, patent-pending AI system that continuously learns and adapts to each golfer and their swing, and is based on Xonic’s Swing Signature (TM) principle. Every golfer has a unique swing signature, which is the natural way their body wants to move when they swing a golf club, and this rarely changes.

“Xonic’s Swing Signature principle is bang on!” said Bob Lean, Head Golf Professional and Class A PGA Pro. “In my close to 40 years of teaching golf, I have almost never seen any of my students change their overall swing signatures”.

Xonic’s team of PGA professionals put together thousands of quick fixes and tips, written exclusively for the iTQ. The iTQ analyzes each golfer’s swing signature and instantly recognizes which fixes and tips are best suited to them.

New PGA pros, fixes and tips are added every season.

Golfers can experience the power of the iTQ with a free 14-day trial by downloading it on the App Store and Google Play.

Visit ( ) to learn more.

About Xonic Golf:

Xonic (pronounced ex-onic) is creating and building solutions for the golf industry, using technology to improve the player experience for all golfers. The company’s name is based on the word ‘exon’, something that is part of everyone’s genetic make-up, because golf is at the core of everything Xonic does.

Press Contact: Eileen Jurczak, Xonic Golf Inc.,

SOURCE: Xonic Golf Inc.

Source: Xonic Golf Inc.