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XPPen Launched Animation Student Bundles Cooperated with Toon Boom Animation, World-leading Software Company

XPPen boosts digital painting in cooperation with Toon Boom

Recently, the world-renowned digital art innovation brand XPPen, has launched 3 animation special student bundles—which is available in US and CA—for students in college, cooperated with the famous animation software Inc.—Toon Boom Animation.

3 drawing displays of XPPen are included in this launch encompassing Artist 12 pro, Artist 22, Artist Pro 16TP, accompanied by the one-year subscription of Storyboard Pro and Harmony from Toon Boom Animation, for the majority of school students in North America, which is also the embodiment of XPPen’s support for enthusiasts and students of new generation.

Animation creation has always attracted countless young people and students to join. The win-win collaboration between the two professional pilots in digital painting industry is directed to provide more support for animation enthusiasts and young professional users in their pursuits of animation creation and learning, especially for the Gen Z artistic creators and student group.

It’s not only the brand philosophy of XPPen to empower every creator to pursue and fulfill the artistic dreams, but also the common consensus of both sides. The association this time turns on an innovative software and hardware cooperation pattern while bringing up more efficient user product experience to animation enthusiasts and professional CG artists around the world, as well as enabling the passionate digital drawing and CG creators to freely create and express themselves, and ultimately transfer their dreams into reality. 

“As a global market brand, North America has always been one of the most important market areas for XPPen. We will provide more powerful support and better services for consumers there, particularly for the student group in college when they are in the process of animation learning. And we are very glad to reach this cooperation with Toon Boom under the efforts of both sides. Furthermore, XPPen has just accomplished its online rebranding on Apr. 15th, the new definition of brand value will also be more centered, to respect and attach more importance to the preferences of the younger generation who pursues digital art creation dreams with enthusiasm.” stated North America Sales Director of XPPen.

Originated from 2005, XPPen is already one of three top digital drawing brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation.