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Yanggu of Shandong: Flourishing Distinctive Industries


YANGGU, China, Feb. 7, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Recently, Yanggu in Shandong Province has seen the launch of a hollow blow molding project by Zhengsheng Plastics Industry, boasting an annual output of 20,000 tons. Collaborating with a team of polymer materials professors from Beijing University of Technology, the project has conducted research and fine-tuning on the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene Resin) raw material ratios. This effort has resulted in a remarkable 50% increase in product lifespan and a 60% enhancement in crush resistance and fire retardance, catapulting the project to a leading position domestically.

In recent years, Yanggu County has accelerated the establishment of a new development pattern, steadfastly nurturing its leading industries while witnessing the flourishing growth of its distinctive sectors. Anchored by the concept of “long-chain management,” the county has facilitated significant breakthroughs in 12 industrial chains across nine sectors, including copper deep processing, high-end chemical engineering, and photo-electronic information.

Yanggu County has rigorously vetted investment projects through a comprehensive review mechanism, leading to the successful introduction of high-quality ventures. In 2023, between January and November, the county attracted 61 projects exceeding 100 million yuan in investment, initiated construction on 53 projects, and secured 5.25 billion yuan in funds, all ranking first in Liaocheng. By streamlining operations and providing attentive service, the county has accelerated project implementation, with 91 key projects underway. Notably, 52 projects, including Huatai Chemical’s 90,000-ton rubber chemicals facility, have commenced operations. Yanggu has also expanded and certified its economic development zones and compliant parks, providing ample space for project expansion. Furthermore, the establishment of specialized industrial parks, such as the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Industrial Park and Green Food Industrial Park, has attracted 78 enterprises, fostering the growth of 20 large-scale enterprises. This concerted effort has positioned the Yanggu Economic Development Zone as Liaocheng’s top performer in Shandong Province for four consecutive years.

Source: Information Office of People’s Government of Yanggu County

Source: Information Office of People's Government of Yanggu County