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Yanggu of Shandong Steadily Advances Education Digitalization


YANGGU, China, May 15, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

In recent years, Yanggu County in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, has made solid progress in promoting education digitalization. It has been designated as the “First Batch of Artificial Intelligence Education Pilot Counties in Shandong Province” and the “Shandong Province Smart Education Demonstration Zone Creation Unit”. With a focus on “dual-zone development” and holistic planning, the county has actively implemented the education digitalization strategy proposed by the Ministry of Education, resulting in significant progress.

Enhance digital environment development.

Yanggu County regards the education digitalization as the starting point for promoting high-quality education development. It is making every effort to carry out the construction of digital campuses, implementing a series of projects such as upgrading to a 10G campus network, applying the construction of smart education platforms, equipping digital classrooms, and updating and upgrading information technology teaching equipment, in order to optimize the smart education environment and ensure the successful advancement of education digitalization.

Set the Yanggu model for digital advancement.

The county has deepened local education digitalization by establishing a “3+3+N” digital framework. With three-tier smart education platform at the national, provincial, and municipal levels as the basis, the framework focuses on e-campus construction, teaching model innovation and AI education with supporting measures in parallel to promote the Yanggu model of “one school, one feature, three-stage progression”. Currently, 36 schools in the county have been awarded the “Demonstration School for Digital Campus Application in Liaocheng City”, with Bojiqiao Street First Primary School in Yanggu County honored as an “Outstanding School for the Popularization of Network Learning Space Application in 2023” by the Ministry of Education.

Empower education through digitalization.

The county’s smart education platform effectively integrates high-quality resources from national, provincial, and municipal platforms, and conducts applications in three types of classrooms, achieving normalized use of co-construction and sharing of high-quality urban and rural resources and digital management of schools. As of now, the cumulative application of the school management module has reached 2.4 million times.

Source: Information Office of Yanggu County People's Government