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Yanggu of Shandong Takes Measures to Boost Development of Talent


The Information Office of People’s Government of Yanggu County

YANGGU, China, Jan. 24, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Yanggu County of Liaocheng, Shandong, has taken various measures to boost the development of talent and enhance the integration of industries and talent.

The county has implemented 39 measures in 11 different aspects, covering talent introduction, cultivation, evaluation, utilization, incentive and service.

The county has been refining its talent introduction system, focusing on gathering talent with industries and building a highland for the integration of industries and talent. By seizing opportunities from major projects, industries, and platforms, Yanggu has effectively promoted the development of industries.

To further support the talent in the county, Yanggu has implemented new measures for talent, such as refining policies for introducing talent into enterprises, platform construction, project funding, start-up support, and living subsidies. Additionally, the county has stepped up attention and care for the talent with concrete regulations, trying to meet the talent demands to the largest extent, permitted by existing conditions.

The leadership at the county level has taken the lead to publicize the policies and recruit talent among the enterprises, contact experts and solve the shortage of talent, thus boosting the development of industries.

As a result, the county has achieved full coverage of R&D bodies of industrial enterprises above the designated scale in Liaocheng, where 100 innovation platforms of different kinds have been completed, including six national platforms, 45 provincial platforms, and 49 municipal platforms. This provides an arena for talent and effectively drives the development of related industries in number and strength. BSEC Yanggu has established a talent platform for the research and development of high-speed railway overhead line system. The national special industrial cluster of railway power transmission equipment was approved in October 2023, adding another important emerging industry for the county.

Source: The Information Office of People’s Government of Yanggu County

Source: The Information Office of People's Government of Yanggu County