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Yantai, a Fairyland in the Spring Breeze


It’s the time of early spring in Yantai, the central city on the Shandong Peninsula. The trees are quietly stretching new branches and sprouting fresh green buds, spreading out the turquoise of cyan on the piece of the land.
If you are looking forward to the color of cyan, you can re-encounter it in Kunyu Mount now, enjoying the mountains under emerald green in chirping of insects, twittering of birds and babbling of streams. Or, you can go to Tiangu Mount, pulling up to the wooden plank road a thousand meters high to view grotesque peaks standing in great numbers and the fairy mists filling the skywalk. Bathing in the breeze of the immense forest, you will feel the tranquility brought by “Xanadu” and appreciate the beauty of the “small Huangshan in north of the Yangtze River”. When the clouds are swirling, Luoshan is as beautiful as an ink painting. Walking in such a “fairyland” is really intoxicating.

For the cyan in Aishan Mount, the peaks are emerald and scattered with warm spring breeze blowing across the mountains and fields. Looking up, you can see the cyan everywhere and you can feel the comfort given by nature. For the cyan in Danya Mount, climbing up to the high-rise pavilion surrounded by clouds and fog and facing the sea in the wind, you will spontaneously have the feeling of “being an immortal of Penglai” in curling mist like a fairyland. For the cyan in Zhaohu Mount, you can see the green bamboo sea in the beautiful valley, and you can feel the breeze coming slowly and the green waves rolling.

The cyan in Yangma Island—the oriental Hawaii—is as a piece of natural turquoise setting upon the boundless blue waves, and time of leisure quietly flowing in the “green”. The cyan in the Long Island—the immortal hill on the sea—is a natural oxygen bar with an evergreen forest covering 60% of the land. The cyan around the Menlou Reservoir—the water source of the city—is like a mirror surrounded by turquoise, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, a picturesque scene of the inverted image of green trees and mountains.
Yantai, the fairyland, is looking forward to your arrival.

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Source: City of Yantai