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Yantai of Shandong Province strives to Create an International Business Environment


The business environment of a city is critical to investment, reputation and potential in the future, and a good business environment needs not only bold reforms but also meticulous services. In recent years, Yantai, a city with a thousand kilometers long coastline and located at 37o N in Shangdong Province, has done its intensive work on building its business environment. Aiming at “enterprises do not run errands and the masses do not ask for people”, it has innovatively launched the brand of “Yantai In Action” through strengthened top-level design, vigorous implementation of policies, optimization of governmental services and attention on “data empowerment” to solve the problem and blockage for the mass and enterprises in handling personal and business affairs. The efforts the city has made to comprehensively optimize and improve the regional business environment have injected new momentum into the high-quality development of regional economy and society.

Data show that Yantai has made and completed 1090 work orders for optimization and promotion tasks based on the domestic advanced experience and best practices of benchmarking and table matching to fully propel the implementation of policies. So far, 76 national and provincial initiatives and highlights have been formed. Among them, a number of typical experiences such as the “4S” all-time electricity nanny service and the accurate provision of VAT “special loan for tax retention” have been publicized and promoted by the state and the province.

In order to effectively improve the convenience of handling affairs online, the city made breakthroughs in “non-face-to-face approval” to connect the self-built systems of municipal departments with the district and municipal platforms, fully providing 603 government affairs services at both city and county levels. By now, more than 1400 affairs can be fully handled online, covering over 90% of the civil items. With the launch of the city’s general portal of mobile government services—the APP of “Love Shandong • Throughout Yantai With One Hand”, there are more than 4.27 million real names registered users, integrating 804 high-frequency applications covering the fields of health, transportation and travel, and fully accessing 14000 items of government services by application. Social assurance certificate, remote medical treatment and other 80 items have achieved “approval and handling in a second”. Data show that since 2021, Yantai has organized 43 municipal departments to conduct a comprehensive review of the currently effective policy documents since 2016, and re-formulate policies that do not adapt to the current economic and social development, forming a list of more than 2,000 policy documents for service enterprises in Yantai.

With the continuous optimization of Yantai’s business environment, by the end of 2021, 104 top multinational companies—the world’s top 500 enterprises—have invested and set up factories in Yantai. 30 of them, including Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), Linde AG, GM, Hyundai, Toyota and LG Electronics, have invested more than US $100 million. In addition to attracting a large number of foreign investments, enterprises that transferred out in previous years have chosen to return.

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