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Yantai Strives to Build Port-Based National Logistics Hub


Recently, Yantai ranked third in the 2022 National Logistics Hub Construction List, winning a new national title.

Yantai is the first city in Shandong province to operate all routes of the China-Europe (Central Asia) Freight Trains, including the European route, Russian route, Belarus route, Central Asian route and Southeast Asian route. The cargo throughput of Yantai Port ranks 8th in China’s coastal ports, according to the Information Office of Yantai Municipal People’s Government.

In terms of spatial layout, the Yantai port-based national logistics hub comprises two large areas and 19 functional areas. It can realize resource integration and collaboration through the comprehensive logistics information platform and the collection and distribution system. Its target of development is to become an international logistics hub based on the Bohai Rim and facing Northeast Asia, a gateway hub for land-sea multimodal transport in the Yellow River Basin, a storage, transfer and distribution center for important strategic materials such as energy and ore in northern China, a roll-roll transportation center and a commercial vehicle transfer base in Northeast Asia. In terms of main functions, it focuses on the cargos of ore, crude oil, LNG, coal, grain, commodity truck and container, actively expands the extended functions of bulk cargo, mixed processing, cross-border e-commerce, cold chain logistics, supply chain integration and supply chain finance, and strengthens and improves the global logistics supply chain functions such as China-Africa whole logistics chain of bauxite, and the integrated operation of oil, gas and energy.

In the future, Yantai will take advantage of the construction of the national logistics hub, and prioritize the development of characteristic businesses such as crude oil, bauxite, LNG, commercial vehicles, China-Africa liner, China-ROK container “cross-border express”, wind power equipment and timber, so as to open up new space for Yantai’s development of marine economy and higher level opening up.

Source: Information Office of Yantai Municipal People’s Government

Source: Information Office of Yantai Municipal People's Government