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Yantai Supports and Encourages Enterprises


On December 1, Yantai held the Conference of Enterprise Service Commissioners to summarize the achievements, study and solve the problems and demands of enterprises, further promote the system of enterprise service commissioners, and realize the shared development and growth of the enterprises and the city.

During the conference, the representatives of departments, institutions and entrepreneurs who participated in the field visits of enterprise service commissioners made remarks. Lyu Chunzhe, Chairman of Yantai Likai Tech Co., Ltd. said: “On the second day of issuing the exchange rate hedging policy for supporting the small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises, the enterprise service commissioners paid a visit along with the staff of the bank and guarantee company. They delivered the policies on-site, including the bank waiving corporate deposits, and free pledges, bringing us ten million yuan of credit. Everyone loves such enterprise service commissioners.”

In April this year, Yantai launched the enterprise service commissioner initiative. 1,855 government officials at all levels worked as service commissioners. They have gone to the districts, enterprises, workshops and operation sites to help the enterprises promote production and development, according to the Information Office of Yantai Municipal People’s Government.

By the end of October, the service commissioners had received 4,201 appeals from the enterprises and solved 3,410 of them, with a resolution rate of 81.2%. What is more commendable is that the problems solved are mainly prominent ones concerning the key tasks of the city.

Jiang Cheng, Secretary of the CPC Yantai Committee said that we will continue to create favorable conditions and build a broad platform for the development of enterprises, so that outstanding enterprises could concentrate on becoming stronger, better and more prosperous.

Zheng Deyan, Mayor of Yantai said that we will continue to do a good job regarding the enterprise service commissioner and attach great importance to every demand of the enterprises. We will conduct in-depth research on methods and measures, improve the long-term mechanism for solving problems, and systematically solve the difficulties that enterprises encounter in their development.

Source: Information Office of Yantai Municipal People’s Government

Source: Information Office of Yantai Municipal People's Government