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Yellow River Beach in Dongming, Shandong: More than 100,000 wild geese return home

HEZE, China
Migratory birds in the Yellow River Beach Area, Dongming

In the tidal wetland near the Yellow River in Dongming County, Heze City, more than 100,000 wild geese have travelled thousands of kilometers to converge on their natural habitat, merrily frolicking and honking, creating a wonderful picture of harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, according to the Information Office of Dongming County People’s Government.

Since the beginning of winter, flocks of geese have been migrating for winter to the beach area of the Yellow River in Dongming. Su Zhenwei, Head of the Forestry Protection Station of the Dongming County Forestry Bureau, and his colleagues travel dozens of kilometers along the Yellow River every day to inspect the migratory birds settling in here for winter. It is the busiest time of the year for Su and his team.

Dongming County, where the Yellow River flows into Shandong, has a beach area of 317 square kilometers. Dongming County implements the so-called forest chief system, which prioritizes ecological protection and wetland restoration in the Yellow River beach area. The County continuously strengthens publicity and protection of migratory birds, including grey cranes, swans, and wild geese. For ten consecutive winters, these birds have been returning to Dongming. The migratory birds are mainly dou geese, gray geese and swan geese, and they number more than 100,000.

Source: Information Office of Dongming County People’s Government

Source: Information Office of Dongming County People's Government