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Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. Brings 20 Years of Robotics Expertise to the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Yijiahe's Latest Releases, J30, J40, and J110.

Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yijiahe”) announces its entry into the commercial cleaning industry with a new range of cutting-edge commercial cleaning robotics solutions and a cloud-based management platform built to serve a variety of cleaning use cases. With over 20 years of experience in the service robotics industry, the company is set to explore new frontiers in the commercial cleaning industry.

As a developer, manufacturer, and supplier in the service robotics industry, Yijiahe has accumulated a wealth of technical expertise and experience in several categories like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, etc. The company is known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, and its entry into the commercial cleaning industry is a natural extension of its core capabilities.

The indoor commercial cleaning robots, J30 series and J40, and the outdoor commercial cleaning robot, J110, are a testament to the company’s technical expertise. The J30 series features the “Cleaning+” function which combines cleaning with promotions, receptions, presentations, or other possibilities, adding more value to the customers than the traditional cleaning robots. The J40 cleaning robot provides end users with 5 different modes and automatic refill and recharge, which maximizes productivity while freeing end-users from repetitive work. The J110 outdoor cleaning robot is built to tackle even the toughest cleaning terrains, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor spaces, and features an automatic bagging feature.

To complement the cleaning robots, Yijiahe has also developed an intelligent management cloud platform that enables customers to remotely manage and monitor their robots, providing real-time data and analytics to optimize cleaning performance.

With its global presence and technical expertise, Yijiahe is well-positioned to expand its business to the commercial cleaning industry. The company’s deep understanding of robotics and its commitment to excellence ensure that customers can expect nothing but the best from Yijiahe as it continues to innovate and deliver world-class solutions.

About Yijiahe

Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yijiahe”, stock code 603666 SHA) is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of intelligent robotics solutions used in power grids, new energy, cleaning, and other facilities around the globe. The company empowers a variety of industries through innovative, valuable solutions that help create better lives for humans. For more information, please visit:

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