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Yili designated as exclusive supplier of official dairy products for the Hangzhou Asian Games, launching a new Jiangnan-themed product

Yili launches new customized products for the Asian Games.

On June 13, when the "100-day countdown to Hangzhou Asian Games" is about to come, Yili Group and the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (HAGOC) held a press conference themed "Ride the Wave Passionately" on the bank of the Qiantang River, announcing that Yili became the exclusive supplier of official dairy products for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Yu Xuekun, head of the Legal Affairs Department of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, Ye Hong, deputy director of the Market Development Department, Zhang Jianqiu, senior executive president of Yili Group, Zhong Qixin, head coach of the speed team of China Climbing Team, and two athlete representatives were invited to the event to witness Yili's collaboration with the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The 19th Asian Games will open in Hangzhou in September, another international sports event after Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. With the positioning of "China's New Era, Hangzhou's New Asian Games", the Hangzhou Asian Games has drawn nationwide attention and will fully unleash the charm of sports, build up the friendship between the people of Asian countries, and further expand the influence of Asian sports.

Zhang Jianqiu said: "By becoming the exclusive supplier of official dairy products for the Hangzhou Asian Games, Yili has taken a firm step in the big sports strategy. During the Asian Games, Yili will provide comprehensive nutritional support and do our best for its success, demonstrating China to the world."

As a brand trusted and supported by Chinese people, Yili has long been recognized by major international sports events. From the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the Wuhan Military Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics, to the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, Yili is never absent.

At the press conference, many new-generation Chinese athletes joined the newly formed "Yili Dream Team", which embodies Yili's profound understanding of the Asian Games and infinite enthusiasm for nutrition and health. They will embark on a new journey for new glory at the Asian Games.

As the host city of the 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou has its unique charm, with strong classical cultural heritage and cutting-edge technologies. Based on a profound insight into Hangzhou's millennium culture and advanced technologies, as well as the long history of the Asian Games, Yili announced a pure milk package customized for the Games. This customized product uses AIGC technology to assist the packaging design, making the traditional beauty fully collide with cutting-edge technology, not only bringing a new visual experience to consumers, but also leading the innovative development of China's food industry into the AI era.

What's more, Yili also launched new customized products for the Asian Games, including Satine, Gemice, Xinhuo and Shuhua. Yili's customized pure milk for the Asian Games will be available first in East China and on the Taobao/Tmall platform. The Satine and Shuhua products packaged with kraft paper in line with the concept of green Asian Games will be exclusively available at Tmall Supermarket.

By joining hands with the Asian Games, Yili has injected new momentum into the development of China's sports industry through actions, opening a new chapter in the integrated development of sports and health in China. At the same time, guided by the goal of "New Vision for Value Creation", Yili will continue to practice loving action, provide health products, convey health concepts, and drive the dream of "World Integrally Sharing Health" into reality.

Source: Yili Group