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Yili Partners with the G20 Indonesia Summit

Joyday ice cream at the G20 Indonesia Summit

In July, Yili Group announced that it has become the dairy partner for the G20 Indonesia Summit. Joyday, produced by PT Yili Indonesia Dairy, will bring the cool taste of ice cream to participants from around the world.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to achieving “World Integrally Sharing Health” and values shared with the G20 Committee, this is Yili’s second collaboration with the G20 summit since the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit. Edi Prio Pambudi, Indonesia’s G20 Sherpa and Deputy Minister for International Economic Cooperation at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, recognized Yili’s strong support for the event as well as Yili’s high-quality dairy products that meet the strict standards of the G20 summit food supply.

Building A Global Health Ecosystem Together

The Yili Indonesia Dairy Production Base, which opened in December 2021, manufactures Joyday brand ice cream for the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. Upon completion of its second phase, the production base will become the country’s largest ice cream factory, with a daily production capacity of four million ice cream products. It will play a critical role in supporting the region’s economic development and prosperity. The production base adheres to strict international quality management standards and deploys an intelligent and digital manufacturing system. The products are made from well-chosen, high-quality raw materials and processed using cutting-edge technology.

The establishment of the Yili Indonesia Dairy Production Base marks a significant step towards achieving its global health ecosystem. As one of the world’s top five dairy companies and Asia’s largest player in the industry, Yili has been actively embracing resources, markets and talent across the globe and fostering synergies and collaborations throughout the global industrial chain.

Currently, Yili owns 74 production bases and 15 global innovation and R&D centers across the globe and has established partnerships with more than 2,000 enterprises in 39 countries and regions. These strong alliances and collaborations are delivering strong momentum behind the company’s long-term development. Joyday, Cremo, AMBPOMIAL, Youngfun, Westgold, Kabrita, and other Yili brands are enjoyed by people in over 60 countries and regions around the world.

Creating Shared Value For All

Yili adheres strictly to its New Vision for Value Creation in its global development. The company continues to innovate in order to provide high-quality dairy products and services to global consumers while meeting their nutritional needs and inspiring healthier lifestyles. Through its robust operations and rapid growth, Yili has consistently created value for its employees, partners, and shareholders. Furthermore, Yili is dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and working towards a brighter future for society and the planet.

On July 13, Yili announced a new collaboration agreement with the G20 Committee to jointly support coral reef conservation in the Komodo National Park of Indonesia, covering reef restoration, beaches and underwater cleaning. The Komodo National Park is located at the center of the Asia-Pacific Coral Triangle. The initiative will help to conserve global biodiversity while also providing long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits to the region.

Yili has been actively assisting local communities, both domestic and global, in combating the pandemic, providing preferential subsidies to local partners’ businesses and donating masks and dairy products to help safeguard people’s physical and emotional health. Yili announced its 2050 carbon neutrality goal earlier this year. A Net-Zero Carbon Alliance was then formed with Yili’s 43 global strategic partners. Initiatives focused on areas such as biodiversity conservation, youth health, and poverty alleviation are currently ongoing and continuing to progress.

SOURCE: Yili Group