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Tuesday, September 05 2017 - 13:30
"Korea Energy Show 2017" to be held at KINTEX, Ilsan
SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A comprehensive exhibition where you can watch, listen, and experience.

Korea Energy Agency (Nam-Hoon Kang, president) has announced that "Korea Energy 
Show 2017" where you can have a panoramic view at one stop of the renewable 
energy industry in a variety of forms at hall 4-5, KINTEX, Ilsan, is scheduled 
for September 19 (Tuesday) through 22 (Friday). 

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Korea Energy Show 2016 Opening Ceremony

The exhibition, the 37th show sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and 
Energy and organized by Korea Energy Agency is the largest and comprehensive 
exhibition of its kind countrywide, provides a show of an attendant 
participatory type as well as an exhibition essential to energy businesses. On 
the occasion of introducing the 37th annual event, over 280 companies, local 
administrations and other affiliated agencies concerned are expected to 
participate in the annual event. The exhibition site embraces over 1,000 booths 
headed by 5 special halls including New and Renewable Energy Hall, ICT Building 
Energy Hall, Transportation Energy Hall, Overseas Businesses Hall, and Energy 
Policy Hall. Over 100 buyers from some 16 countries are expected to attend. 

At the New and Renewable Energy Hall, one can watch at one stop new and 
renewable energy technologies which are now receiving recognition worldwide. 
Corporations such as Hanwha Energy and Doosan Corporation is scheduled to 
introduce solar light and fuel cells while at the same time giving 
consultations on solar energy enterprises such as farming village solar light, 
miniaturized solar light for the home.

At the ICT building Energy Hall, where companies like LG Electronics Inc., 
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Kyungdong Navien Co.,Ltd., Daeyeol Boiler are 
housed, attendants can have a first hand look at products such as smart 
home/building systems, white goods and heating/cooling appliances. At the 
ultra-mini electric vehicle trial ride space of Transportable Energy Special 
Hall that houses corporations including Reno-Samsung, Hyundai and Nissan, 
attendants will be given a chance to have a trial ride on electric vehicles. 

At the Overseas Corporation Hall, companies like Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 
(China), Qnergy (U.S.) will be displaying measuring equipment, EMS and so 
forth. Lastly, local autonomous bodies including Taegu Metropolitan City, Asan 
City of Choongnam Province are going to introduce Smart cities and energy about 
self-help to villages at the Energy Policy Hall.

With a variety of accompanying events such as 'employment consultation' to 
introduce job openings at energy related companies, the "energy film talk 
concert" featuring introductions about energy used in the movies, as well as 
special displays, is expected to attract attendants coming from various social 
strata including students, job seekers, housewives and business concerns 
looking for a solar light business. 

"Arkwave Solutions Korea Co.,Ltd," a participating company, is now developing a 
highly effective clean boiler by applying ecology-friendly energy technology 
contributing toward the reduction of green-house gases. As well as supplying to 
the world market high-efficient heating equipment by utilizing high technology 
such as a nano thermal coating technology, a nano glass heat generating boiler 
with a glass heat pipe, an eddy current heat generating boiler using magnet as 
the best energy-saving product 
"Any Homes", a manufacturer of electric power saving devices, is expected to 
introduce "any home saver" at this exhibition. "Any home saver" is a product 
that offsets harmonic waves of electric appliances and saves energy when 
plugged into an outlet, thereby saving on electric power consumption up to 20- 
30%. The product, which has passed the standard of the "IECEE CB", an 
international certification system, in 2014, has been selected as the superior 
invention of the year by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, is now used 
in industries as well as homes 
"Hyundai Enersys", have registered 10 patents for 'index hole turbine', a 
turbine which operates well under low temperature and low pressure, lowering 
power production costs down to 80% or over. It is leading company in the new 
energy technology industry importing has acquired the new energy technology 
unique to the industry is now shipping out small-scale power generating systems 
of 2000kw in capacity in exports worldwide as well to the domestic market. 
Jin-hee, Kang, public relations general manager of Korea Energy Agency, said, 
"The upcoming Korea energy show is expected to be held as the futuristic energy 
festival representing the Republic of Korea, with its rich displays and diverse 
opportunities of export consultation, experiencing events and so forth." She 
also added that the expectations are high for the event to provide an excellent 
opportunity to arouse interest in the future energy like energy-saving 
technologies and policies as the time moves forward to the new energy era. 

The Korea energy show 2017 is free of charge for those who have pre-registered 
via the energy exhibition website. Various gifts will be given to the 
registrants by a draw.

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Source: Korea Energy Agency