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Friday, November 24 2017 - 15:07
Hebei Tourism Promo Video Appears on "China Screen" at New York Times Square
SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Nov. 24, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Beijing time on November 21, the tourism promo video released by Hebei 
Provincial Tourism Development Commission appeared on "China Screen" at New 
York Times Square, the "crossroad of the world" in America.

The 30-second-long tourism promo video about Hebei is rich in content, 
including its bright and thick historical culture, charming natural scenery and 
colorful folk customs. Endless Taihangshan mountains span cross north China, 
which look like a huge dragon; Jinshanling Great Wall winds along, and Chengde 
Mountain Resort stands magnificently. The Old Dragon's Head, Shanhaiguan Pass, 
Guangfu ancient city, Baishi Mountain and Chongli county in Zhangjiakou city, 
where the 2022 winter Olympics will be held, appear on the screen too, all 
showing the charm of YanZhao area to the world.

New York Times Square is located in the core of Manhattan. It is one of the 
world's most popular tourist destinations, attracting hundreds of millions of 
visitors every year. It is called "the crossroad of the world". "China screen" 
is at the top of the tallest tower in the block. In recent years, promo videos 
of dozens of cities, including Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Hainan, are 
spread to the world by "China screen".

Hebei has profound historical culture and is enriched by natural resources. 
There are world-class cultural heritage such as Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde 
Mountain Resort, the Qing dynasty royal mausoleums and the Great Canal, 
world-class non-material cultural heritage such as Yuxian folk paper-cut and 
Tangshan shadow-play, world geologic parks such as Baishi Mountain and Yesanpo, 
and more than 60 national forest parks, natural reserves and scenic spots. As a 
new economic growth point and strategic important pillar industry in Hebei 
province, the tourism industry in recent years has developed very fast. It is 
an important measure for Hebei to go to the world by playing the promo video on 
"China screen" at New York Times Square.

SOURCE: Hebei Provincial Tourism Development Commission

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