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Friday, December 01 2017 - 19:38
Imperial Springs International Forum 2017 in Guangzhou: Former International Political Leaders Contributing to Global Governance Wisdom
GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 1, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Over 20 former heads of state and government and more than 80 authoritative 
experts and business leaders from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou, 
China on November 28th, attending the Imperial Springs International Forum 
2017. In 6 different forms of symposiums under the theme of "Reshaping Global 
Governance and China's Perspective", they discussed about the development 
missions of the different subjects under the new pattern of global governance 
so as to contribute their wisdom to constructing the community of shared future 
for mankind.

Former international political leaders including Ban Ki-moon, former 
Secretary-General of the United Nations, Vaira Vike Freiberga, former President 
of the Republic of Latvia and President of the World Leadership Alliance-Club 
de Madrid and Philip Michael Jeffery, former Governor of Australia, 
participated in the Forum. They are all of the opinion that the current balance 
of the world powers has changed and the global challenges are increasing.  
Strengthening and promoting the reform of the global governance system has 
become the trend of the times.

Speaking on the forum, Ban Ki-moon said that improving the international 
governance system needs to enhance the international leadership of the big 
powers. The world is in transition, but the blueprint of a better world has not 
been realized. The challenge and hindrance of populism has hindered the 
blueprint. Terrorism is spreading. Violent extremism is still a tumor. We need 
to work hard to change the system of international governance.

While discussing how to push forward the changes in the global governance 
system, the participants in this forum were able to understand, from closer and 
multiple perspectives, China's thinking about the new concept of international 
governance and have an in-depth discussion of the topics such as peace, 
security, trade, finance and sustainable development under the new pattern of 
global governance and an analysis of how to achieve inclusive and sustainable 
peaceful development under the new order of international governance. 

Jenny Shipley, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, said on the Forum that 
the G-20 Summit in Hangzhou is a milestone for the new international governance 
system. China plays a more and more important role in the international arena 
and at the same time the emerging countries and economies are going to have 
important changes, The 5 BRICS nations will have a growing proportion in the 
international economy. Taking the governance concept of sharing and sustainable 
development will be an important part of the development of our own country and 
the world. The international community should not go back to the old 
antagonistic path between the East and the West.

The participating guests of many countries unanimously appreciated China's 
continuous role as a responsible major power, active participant in the reform 
and construction of the global governance system and contributor of China's 
wisdom and strength.

Imperial Springs International Forum, jointly held by the Chinese People's 
Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the Australia 
China Friendship and Exchange Association (ACFEA), has had three sessions since 
the Chinese government's approval in 2015. Through the discussions of hot 
topics in the political, economical and cultural fields, the successive 
sessions have enhanced the understanding and consensus of all parties and 
further promoted the regional and global cooperation. The Forum has become a 
major platform in China for non-governmental diplomacy and international 

Zhou Zerong, President of the Australia China Friendship and Exchange 
Association (ACFEA), said that the constructive and initiative speeches of the 
guests have helped us analyze the challenges and opportunities faced by the 
current global governance from more perspectives, and understand and realize 
China's vision and proposition of its participation in the global governance. 
It also brings new enlightenment to the international community and inject new 
impetus into the global governance reform. He stressed that Imperial Springs 
International Forum would continue to contribute to the promotion of the 
governance reform both in China and all over the world for the sustainable 
development of mankind.
Source: The Organizing Committee of Imperial Springs International Forum

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