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Thursday, December 21 2017 - 13:00
SANY's Star Mini Excavators Head to Australian Market with Best Price
SYDNEY, Dec. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

SANY, the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth 
largest in the world, is expanding its mini excavator business to Australia. 
Although SANY excavators are well received in more than 100 countries around 
world and have dominated the Chinese market share for six consecutive years, 
they are a new comer in the Australian excavator market. To expand SANY's 
presence, the construction machinery giant will hold a promotion in Australia 
in November, offering two star products SY16C and SY35U with best prices. 

Photo -
Caption: SANY mini excavator SY16C

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Caption: SANY mini excavator SY35U

Themed on "Discover SANY, as diligent as you", the promotion is expected to 
help more Australian customers know SANY and its products' 

"Actually, diligence is not only the characteristic of our mini excavators that 
work with high efficiency and stability, but also a characteristic of Chinese 
people," Zhang Kai, the general sales manager in charge of this Australian 
promotion, "We want to make a connection between SANY mini excavators and the 
Chinese people to help raise Australian awareness of the good quality of 
Chinese products," he added. "Although, SANY is a relative new brand to 
Australians, we believe that the Australian market will know more about SANY 
and its products through this big promotion," Zhang said. 

"To better carry out the promotion in the Australian market, SANY's e-business 
center has made full preparation for this event in order to ensure that 
Australian customers can enjoy higher quality mini excavators with lower 
prices," said Zhao Hongcai, the team leader of the overseas promotion team. 

The big promotion is for customers in Australia, especially customers from 
leasing companies and construction units. The event offers 6 preferential 
measures and gives full convenience to the customers with full payment or 
financing options.  

The 6 preferential measures to help customers save money and earn more:

1. Free China Tour: Customers who purchase 5 machines can get two free 
round-trip tickets from Australia to China. 
2. Service suit: Customers can receive one-year maintenance parts, toolbox and 
maintenance instruction manuals for free. 
3. Special gifts: Customers can receive a high simulation of SANY excavator 
model and a set of Chinese dark tea. 
4. Machines in stock: Spot supply and home delivery service in Sydney. Other 
cities' services are coming soon. 
5. Updated configuration: Excavators exceeding the latest EU and U.S. 
standards. Compact and flexible, powerful and highly efficient. 
6. Looking for dealers: A SANY's signed dealer in Australia will enjoy more 
benefits and supports.

This promotion is not only a chance help Australian customers, but also to 
expand the awareness of SANY in Australia.

The largest construction machinery manufacturer in China

1. 14 industrial parks around the world 
2. China's most valuable engineering machinery enterprise 
3. 100,000 employees worldwide

A number of products are No.1 in market shares

1. Sales Champion for six consecutive years in Chinese excavator market 
2. Concrete machinery is No.1 in global market share 
3. Excavator is No.1 in Chinese market share 
4. Crawler crane is No.1 in market share

Corporate responsibility

1. SANY participated in the mine rescue in San Jose, Chile in 2010; 
2. SANY assisted Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant rescue in 2011; 
3. SANY participated in Wenchuan earthquake relief operation in 2008.

High-end intelligent research and development for manufacturing

1. ECC global control center for the service of Internet of Things; 
2. Intelligent manufacturing plant with electronic quality inspection rate 100% 
3. With over 5,000 patents already authorized, the SANY Group ranks No.1 in the 

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