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Friday, January 12 2018 - 22:25
Tiens Group Chairman Li Jinyuan Attended the Fifth China Small and Medium Enterprise Global Development Forum
HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 12, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On January 10, 2018, the Fifth China SME Global Development Forum and the Fifth 
China Brand Innovation and Development Forum were held at the Hangzhou 
Intercontinental Hotel. Tiens Group Chairman Li Jinyuan, as the Senior Vice 
President of the Global Alliance of SMEs of China Region, attended the event 
and discussed with other international leaders and experts about new SME 
development opportunities around the world in 2018 to help SMEs collect 
international resources, expand into global markets, and discover opportunities 
for cooperation to jointly develop and create new platforms.

Also in attendance was Mr. Hou Yan, Assistant to President of Tiens Group and 
Ms. Huang Jiazhen, Senior Director of Tiens Group Branding and Global Public 
Relations Department.

The event was organized by the Global Alliance of SMEs, the United States-China 
International Cooperation and Exchange Association, and the China Brand 
Innovation and Development Project. With the "New Era" as its theme, the 
conference comprehensively analyzed the economic development in 2017 and 
actively explored the trends of the Chinese and international markets in 2018 
to quickly gain a grasp of global business opportunities.

As an outstanding corporate representative of the going global strategy for 
Chinese national brands, entrepreneurs in attendance highly praised the 
international strategy of Tiens Group. The Global Alliance of SMEs, the 
organizer of the conference, said that Chairman Li led Tiens Group into the 
international market with the brand image of China. The globalization strategy 
and outstanding achievements of Tiens Group are highly recognized both at home 
and abroad. The Global Alliance of SMEs appointed Chairman Li Jinyuan as Senior 
Vice President of the China Region to help guide and assist Chinese enterprises 
in going global and shape the Chinese brand image. 

During the forum, Chairman Li Jinyuan was invited to take part in a dialogue 
between the former British Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese 
entrepreneurs. Wang Zhenghua, chairman of Chunqiu Group, Li Guangdou, CCTV 
brand consultant and famous brand marketing strategy expert, and Chen Jun, 
Chairman of Guo-Chuang Limited together with David Cameron had an in-depth 
exchange of ideas on globalization and how governments can help businesses 
develop. Chairman Li Jinyuan said that the events of the forum has greatly 
enhanced the friendship between China, Britain, France, South Korea, and other 
countries and has set up a very good platform for cooperation and exchange 
among enterprises.

During the dinner after the forum, Chairman Li Jinyuan and attending guests 
exchanged in-depth views on the global strategy of Tiens Group's health 
business and the strategy of their third startup. Chairman Li Jinyuan said that 
as a transnational conglomerate integrating industry capital, commercial 
capital, and financial capital in multiple fields such as biotechnology, health 
management, hotel tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international 
trade, and financial investment, Tiens Group is guided by the strategic 
principles of business diversification, network integration, and business 
synergy. With a global vision based on the Belt and Road strategy, Tiens Group 
will promote the launch of multiple business models around the world to share 
innovative models of economic and customer experience-based marketing. We will 
continue to promote consumption to create wealth, create greater wealth for 
family businesses, integrate social resources, and combine e-commerce with 
retail shops, achieving value appreciation and forming a global alliance.

He expressed that a "healthy China" has already become China's national 
strategy. Tiens Group, as a leader in the health industry, conforms to 
government policies and general trends, pushing ahead with the development of 
the health industry by optimizing and integrating Tiens Group's global network 
resources. Currently, Tiens Group has established branches in 110 countries and 
regions, re-dividing the global market into 21 regions and is also entering new 
markets in 37 countries and regions, such as Australia, France, South Korea, 
and the United Arab Emirates. Tiens Group has formed strategic alliances with 
top international enterprises and has set the bar on internationalization for 
Chinese enterprises.

Source: Tiens Group

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