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Friday, January 12 2018 - 23:13
AI star from China: AIcorrect Translator rocking at CES
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The top-of-the-line trade show for the global consumer electronics industry - 
CES 2018 at Vegas has been open to the world since January 9th. Artificial 
Intelligence (AI) technology and products brought by Chinese companies are 
among the most impressive at the show, out of which, AIcorrect Translator, 
developed and introduced by Babel Technology in Beijing, a Tsinghua-based team, 
attracts attention of the buyers and exhibitors from around the world.

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(AIcorrect Translator supports real-time mutual voice translation between 
Chinese/English and 30 other languages.)

As a utility realization of AI technology in civilian field, AIcorrect 
Translator deals with problems in cross-linguistic communication. It supports 
real-time mutual translation in multiple situations between Chinese/English and 
30 other languages, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, Russian and 
Spanish, major languages like English are further divided into accents. The 
translation quality reaches as high as 96%.

It also has a touch screen, where transcription and translation are shown at 
the same time. Even more surprisingly, up to four devices connected, AIcorrect 
Translator supports conversation in up to four different languages. Right on 
the show floor, many attendees are amazed at its utility and functionality, a 
British buyer even showed intention of pre-ordering 2,000 units on-site.

Over the recent years, China has overtaken the other players in the field of 
artificial intelligence, in that applications and development for civilian 
purposes like mobile pay have obtained remarkable achievements, drones and 
other innovational products also walked into the industrial forefront. Lei 
Guan, CEO of Babel Technology, seemed a little bit emotional when talking with 
us. "As a Chinese pathfinder in the field of AI, we designed the device in 
hoping that hundreds of millions of people can have access to it and carry out 
cross-linguistic communication all barrier-free." He added, "with AIcorrect 
Translator, our dream will no more fear the difference of languages."

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SOURCE  Beijing Ai Babel Technology Co., Ltd.