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Wednesday, January 24 2018 - 19:41
Gree PV Air Conditioners Settle in America
ZHUHAI, China, Jan. 24, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, a signing ceremony between Phoenix Mart and Gree Electric Appliances 
Inc. of Zhuhai was held in Arizona, America, which means Phoenix Mart will 
fully adopt the PV air conditioning system independently developed by Gree. The 
size of this trade center is equal to 84 standard soccer fields, therefore over 
1,200 sets of PV air conditioners will be needed, with over 6.7 megawatts 
installed capacity of the PV panels and over 4,200 refrigeration tons of 
cooling capacity. It is the largest PV air conditioning project in America and 
even in the world at present.

Gree PV air conditioners will make great contribution to the Phoenix Mart in 
electricity saving and emission reduction. It is calculated that Gree PV multi 
VRF units adopted in Phoenix Mart can generate about 10,500,000 kWh of 
electricity annually, and can save about tens of millions of US dollars in 30 
years. Moreover, this project can help to reduce the emission of about 8,600 
tons of CO2, 72 tons of SO2, 33 tons of nitride, and 56 tons of dust. The 
general benefits from emission reduction will be over 2 million US dollars.

As for Gree, winning the bid for Phoenix Mart project is only a reflection that 
PV air conditioners are quite popular in overseas markets. In the Middle East, 
due to rich light resource and high electricity fee, PV air conditioners is 
very welcome in the local market. Only in the recent two or three years, 
accumulative sales volume of Gree PV air conditioner is over 2,500 sets. For 
example, Teheran University of Iran, Riyadh Mosque in Saudi Arabia, Office 
Building in duty-free zone of Dubai, and Villa Zone of Arabian American Oil 
Company in Saudi Arabia, etc. have been equipped with Gree PV air conditioners.

Gree has established 5,000 sets of PV systems in 22 countries and regions at 

In recent years, demand of PV air conditioners has been increasing rapidly in 
the global market, and America has become one of the fastest growing PV 
markets. There's no doubt that Phoenix Mart's choice of Gree PV air 
conditioning system will bring a good demonstration effect to the market.

Objectively, the use of PV air conditioners in a large scale will make 
significant contribution to the future energy structure. The motivation for 
changing the energy structure comes from both the increasing deficiency of 
fossil energy and the ever-growing needs for environmental protection 
(especially for nitrogen oxides emission reduction).

It's generally known that central air conditioners are a great consumer of 
electricity. In China, the total building energy consumption constitutes 30% of 
all the social terminal energy consumption. And the energy consumption of HVAC 
equipment makes up 65% (50% according to another data source) of the total 
building energy consumption. Specifically in 2016 when power consumption in 
China added up to 5.92 trillion kWh, about 1.15 trillion kWh (0.89 trillion kWh 
according to another data source) was taken by HVAC equipment. 

Gree PV air conditioners can not only directly lower the demand of power supply 
but also deliver excess power to the power grid, and at the same time, reduce 
the emission of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants. If the current HVAC 
products are all replaced by PV air conditioners, it will result in a very 
prominent improvement in energy conservation and emission reduction. 

A few years earlier, there were a lot of concerns about the use of PV air 
conditioners, such as the short lifetime of solar power storage device, the 
high price of solar air conditioners, and so on. In recent years, as the solar 
power utilization technology becomes more and more mature, people have been 
less worried about the use of PV air conditioners. Now Gree has successfully 
installed 5,000 sets of its PV air conditioners worldwide. 

On the basis of PV air conditioning system, Gree further upgrades the overall 
solution to energy supply and consumption. It has developed the G-IEMS local 
energy internet system by tackling the challenges in clean energy supply, 
development of efficient equipment and intelligent energy distribution and 
management. The local energy internet system G-IEMS can not only realize 
ternary current commutation but also free energy exchange among power 
generation, power consumption, power grid, power storage and even more terminal 
units in a wide networking system from devices to families, buildings and even 
to communities and parks. 

In September 2017, Gree G-IEMS system was officially launched to the world at 
IFA (an international electronics exhibition held in Berlin, German). Prof. Leo 
Lorenz, academician of the German Academy of Sciences, and member of the 
Committee of the Nobel Laureates Preliminary Selection, made a speech at the 
launch and said, "The successful development of Gree G-IEMS is of great 
significance to the world's energy conservation and emission reduction, 
promoting it further to a new stage."

Gree's success in establishing its independently developed PV air conditioners 
in Phoenix Mart will undoubtedly show the strength of its technology 
breakthrough to North America and even the world. It will rewrite the world 
energy pattern, contribute to the upgrading of world energy structure and 
encourage the world's effort in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Source: Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

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