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Friday, February 02 2018 - 13:37
Tiens Group Launches New Global Branding Strategy Targeting Young Generation
TIANJIN, China, Feb. 2, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On January 28th, 2018, Tiens Group Chairman, Li Jinyuan kicked off a press 
conference at the Tiens Group headquarters in Tianjin to announce the worldwide 
launch of its new branding strategy and upgrades. With over 6,000 in 
attendance, the conference was the first major event held by Tiens Group in the 
new year. To accelerate Tiens Group's international expansion and new branding 
strategy, which focuses on the younger generation in their 30s, Tiens Group's 
new strategy will integrate the themes of new beginnings, new methods, new 
business models, and a new future, while maintaining its steady international 

Tiens Group was founded in 1995 and during its 23-year history, the company 
grew from a small private enterprise into the international conglomerate that 
it is today. Currently, Tiens Group has locations in 110 countries and regions 
that cover markets in over 190 countries around the world in fields such as 
biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism, education and training, 
e-commerce, international trade, and finance. It has also formed strategic 
alliances with top enterprises in many countries and has become a top Chinese 
global brand.

Tiens Group's Global Branding Strategy Conference was launched by Carol Huang, 
Senior Director of Group Brands and International Public Relations. Huang 
explained that Tiens Group's market research has led the company to shift its 
branding focus to young women around the age of 30 and Tiens Group will step up 
its efforts to promote its new branding strategy. At the conference, Tiens 
Group also revealed its new brand Logo / VI / CI, new and upgraded product 
packaging, and new official website. The company's new digital marketing 
strategy has been applied to every sector, providing global users interested in 
Tiens Group's development and collaboration opportunities with clear 
implementation ideas, a friendly community to interact with, and marketing.

Also emphasized at the conference were the core values of the Tiens Group 
brand, which includes focusing on global markets, driving execution, and Tiens 
Groups brand mission of love, health, and serving the community.

The overall upgrade of Tiens Group's branding strategy and the upgrade of its 
corporate CI and VI systems will enable the company's new image to become a 
positive force in the world and establish global alliances. 

Tiens Group's new CELLES TIANE M&Y HYDRA series, which recently won the 2017 
BEST TASTE AWARD - Annual Energy Skin Care Product Award (awarded by SINA 
Corporation, a leading online media company serving China and the global 
Chinese communities) was publicly revealed for the first time at the event, 
much to the audience's delight.

In a media interview prior to the conference, Chairman Li Jinyuan spoke 
regarding opportunities for Tiens Group's global expansion in 2018, saying, "In 
2018, global economic integration and information will become the trend. Tiens 
Group uses big data and cloud computing technologies to integrate its networks 
and achieve business synergy, laying out 21 regions covering 224 countries and 
regions and penetrating the five continents of the world, fulfilling China's 
Belt and Road strategy. Not only is Tiens Group 'going out', but it is also 
'bring in', landing diverse projects to ensure business, protect employment, 
promote health and safety, and ensure development."

Richard Shaw, an American Chinese who previously served as  Vice President of 
Strategic Planning /Vice President of Portfolio Brand Management for a world's 
largest direct sales group, recently joined Tiens Group's global direct sales 
business as general manager and also made an appearance at the conference. Shaw 
said that Chairman Li Jinyuan's business diversification, network integration, 
and business synergy ecosystem model forms a commercial mechanism for 
international interconnection. It is definitely an innovative strategy that has 
the potential to become a leading business model and brand development trend.

With regard to Tiens Group's development in Dubai, which was mentioned by 
Dubai's CATV, Chairman Li said that Tiens Group has been surveying the Dubai 
market since the beginning of 2000. While paying full respect and understanding 
towards the local customs and culture, Tiens Group has accurately positioned 
the consumer groups of Dubai, primarily targeting the youth market and 
providing consumers with experience-based marketing to truly convince consumers 
the value of Tiens Group products. This will be the entry point for Tiens Group 
in spreading its brand influence and ultimately achieving value recognition in 
Dubai. In the future, Tiens Group will leverage Dubai's well-established OEM 
and ODM industries to deploy Tiens OEMs, ODMs, and even logistics, warehousing, 
and distribution systems in the region to supply Tiens products to neighboring 
regions, including Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

With respect to the future of Tiens Group's global development, Chairman Li 
emphasized that Tiens Group will adopt an international brand image with 
culturally unique characteristics and leverage advantageous policies to help 
implement the network integration and business synergy development strategy. It 
will also seek to deepen development along the Belt and Road regions to build 
platforms like Maya E-commerce, Tai Ji Sun Health, the All-Legend International 
Tourism Union, the International Hotel Alliance, SynaCo Education and Training, 
International Yiwu, points, e-wallets, and other experience-based large-scale 
health care platforms. Cross-platform marketing and service integration will 
also be employed to help promote Tiens Group's philosophy of wealth creation 
for families throughout the world, achieving a diversified global alliance of 
businesses, and creating a world-renowned Chinese brand.

After months of careful planning and high-level preparation, Tiens Group will 
push its global brand strategy to the next level in 2018, with this press 
conference as the starting point. To announce the new internationalization 
strategy of Tiens Group, Chairman Li Jinyuan arranged for Tiens Group 
executives and business representatives from all over the world to the event 
and he personally led the newly appointed executive, who hails from a Fortune 
500 enterprise, to join him on stage. 

SOURCE: Tiens Group

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