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Bangkok ranks top destination for Japanese traveling for Chinese New Year
SINGAPORE, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-agoda booking data ranks Tokyo top Lunar New Year destination overall for all 
Asian travelers 

Tokyo has overtaken Bangkok as the number one Chinese New Year (CNY) 
destination for Asian travelers in 2018, a title held by Bangkok for the last 
two years, according to global online booking platform 


Japan has taken three of the top spots as Kyoto makes an entry for the first 
time and Osaka moves up from 9th place in 2016 to 3rd top destination for CNY 
2018. City escapes have dominated the rankings with only one beach 
destination--Phuket, Thailand--making the top ten. 
The appeal of Tokyo's nearby Yokohama Chinatown district--which hosts two weeks 
of events, including a countdown party, traditional lion dance performances, 
parades, and a Lantern Festival--has attracted travelers from all over the 
world, with the largest groups of foreign visitors hailing from Taiwan(26%), 
South Korea(15%) and Mainland China(15%).

Meanwhile other destinations such as Singapore and Chiang Mai have slipped down 
the rankings: from 3rd place in 2016 to 8th place in 2018 and from 7th place in 
2016 to 12th place in 2018, respectively. 

2016	                   2017	                      2018
1. Bangkok, Thailand	   1. Bangkok, Thailand	      1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Tokyo, Japan	           2. Tokyo, Japan	      2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Singapore	           3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  3. Osaka, Japan
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  4. Taipei, Taiwan	      4. Taipei, Taiwan
5. Taipei, Taiwan	   5. Hong Kong	              5. Seoul, South Korea
6. Hong Kong	           6. Seoul, South Korea      6. Hong Kong
7. Chiang Mai, Thailand	   7. Osaka, Japan            7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8. Phuket, Thailand	   8. Singapore               8. Singapore
9. Osaka, Japan	           9. Chiang Mai, Thailand    9. Kyoto, Japan
10. Bali, Indonesia	   10. Pattaya, Thailand      10. Phuket, Thailand

Top ten CNY destinations for Asian travelers

Though Tokyo is attracting the most travelers from across Asia for CNY, agoda's 
booking data suggests that many Japanese won't be celebrating locally this 
year, with 70% taking advantage of the long holiday to go long-haul -- with 
Bangkok, Seoul and Pattaya as the top foreign hotspots for this year's 
travelers. Those that do stay locally will be heading to Tokyo, Osaka and 

2016	                  2017	                  2018
1. Bangkok, Thailand      1. Bangkok, Thailand	  1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Tokyo, Japan	          2. Tokyo, Japan	  2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Pattaya, Thailand	  3. Seoul, South Korea	  3. Seoul, South Korea
4. Seoul, South Korea	  4. Pattaya, Thailand	  4. Pattaya, Thailand
5. Manila, Philippines	  5. Manila, Philippines  5. Osaka, Japan
6. Chiang Mai, Thailand	  6. Osaka, Japan         6. Manila, Philippines
7. Bali, Indonesia	  7. Kyoto, Japan         7. Okinawa Main Island, Japan
8. Taipei, Taiwan         8. Cebu, Philippines	  8. Bali, Indonesia
9. Singapore	          9. Sapporo, Japan  	  9. Taipei, Taiwan
10. Osaka, Japan	  10. Taipei, Taiwan	  10.Cebu, Philippines

Top ten CNY international destinations for Japanese travelers 

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About the research

Destination booking data was collated for CNY dates in 2016, 2017 and 2018 
across Asia.

About agoda

agoda( (Nasdaq:PCLN) is one of the world's 
fastest-growing online travel booking platforms. Established in 2005, the 
start-up quickly expanded in Asia and was acquired in 2007 by the Priceline 
Group--the world's largest seller of rooms online. agoda is headquartered in 
Singapore, with 53 offices in major cities across over 30 countries and over 
3,700 staff worldwide. It provides a network of over 1.8 million accommodation 
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