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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Tuesday, February 13 2018 - 18:25
"Hot Spa & Snow Play" -- Liaoning Sends its New Year Invitation to the World
SHENYANG, China, Feb. 13, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

Market Shopping, food tasting, wishes of good fortune, couplets... On February 
6th, a coach full of Liaoning University's international students from Russia, 
Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Benin, Kenya as well as local medias travelled to 
Fushun and Yingkou. From Manchu culture to Liaohe folk custom, everyone who 
experienced the charm of Chinese traditions also welcomed the traditional 
Chinese Year of the Dog together with locals.

In the ancient city of Hetu Ala of Fushun, foreign students witnessed the folk 
performance of Manchu traditions, combined with historical stories from Hetu 
Ala to experience the vicissitudes of time. At Yingkou's Red Flag Festival, 
foreign students took part in the Chinese traditional event of "catch up with 
the market", writing Spring Festival couplets and Fu characters with local 
artists to experience the Chinese traditional Spring Festival customs.

"It's very busy here. I see happy people everywhere. I not only experienced the 
atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, but also tasted a variety of Chinese food. 
I am very happy to have this opportunity to take part in this special event," 
said SUSAN KARIMI NJIRU, the Kenya student from Liaoning University. She 
declared she is a fan of "everything Chinese". This event had improved her 
understandings of Chinese culture.

Liaoning has launched the event with "Hot Spa & Snow Play -- come to Liaoning 
for the Big New Year" as the theme for three consecutive years already, 
creating and developing a series of special products and routes related to the 
event, and has attracted many people's interest and appreciation to folk 
customs here.

The brand effect of winter tourism has begun to work. "Liaoning has rich 
resources for winter tourism. It has its unique Chinese traditional folk 
culture. We are here to invite tourists from the globe to come and spend the 
Chinese New Year in Liaoning!" said Wang Xiaojiang, Liaoning Provincial Tourism 
Commission Deputy Director.

SOURCE: Liaoning Provincial Tourism Commission

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