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Tuesday, February 13 2018 - 21:50
Photo Enhancement App Meitu Rolls Out Valentine's Day Filters and AI Features for Chinese New Year
HONG KONG, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Meitu Inc. (Meitu), publisher of the Chinese photo enhancement app Meitu, has 
rolled out new filters for the upcoming Valentine's Day and new artificial 
intelligence features for Chinese New Year festivities.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Meitu has built a section in its app dedicated to 
the effects and filters for the special day so couples can take refined 
selfies. The company has also developed more AI features for the Spring 
Festival, the most celebrated holiday in China, following its success last year 
in rolling out its first AI painting robot, Andy Artbot. 

Photo -
(Meitu's exclusive edition of filters for global users on Valentine's Day)

In order to serve both users in China and the Chinese diaspora overseas, this 
year Meitu revealed an upgraded version of Andy effects, incorporating many 
Chinese blessings in the design for users to wish their friends and family a 
happy and prosperous new year.

"Through the deep learning AI technology, we can understand the differences of 
beauty standards in different countries," said Xinhong Wu, founder and CEO of 
Meitu. "With AI, we can create much more precise and customized recommendations 
for our users," he said.

Photo -
(Meitu revealed an upgraded version of Andy effects for Chinese New Year)

Meitu's Chinese New Year features embrace the AI technology to create fun 
filters for users to play around with. For example, it launched an activity 
called "winning lucky money with face score," where users can take selfies and 
turn them into painting portraits using the AI robot function. Users are then 
scored by the AI system for their facial attractiveness based on the portraits, 
and can receive lucky money according to the ratings. This feature is designed 
especially for the users from mainland of China.

"Meitu started to expand overseas in 2014 and now over 30 percent of our users 
are from abroad," said Wu. "To cater to the different beauty-appreciation 
standards in different countries, we have to leverage our AI strength to spot 
the different trends and roll out suitable effects to fit local customs," he 

The filters may seem simple but the technique involves using AI deep learning 
technology. To rate users' appearance more objectively, the Meitu app has 
analyzed more than one million sets of image data and user feedback to better 
understand local beauty trends.

Photo - 
(Meitu rolled out four special Vietnamese versions of Andy effects to wish a 
lucky prosperous new year)

Both the Valentine's Day Filters and the Andy effects for Spring Festival are 
now available at the App store and Google play store, with a special Vietnamese 
language version of the Andy effects which will appeal to the Vietnamese users 

About Meitu

Established in October 2008, Meitu is a global leading mobile Internet company 
headquartered in China. With the vision of building software and hardware 
around "beauty", Meitu has developed a rich portfolio of Internet and smart 
hardware products such as Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai (a short-form video 
community app) and Meitu Smartphones, which transformed the way people create 
and share the idea of "beauty". As of June, 2017, Meitu has a total of over 1.5 
billion unique users worldwide and engaged 481.3 million MAUs. According to App 
Annie, Meitu has repeatedly ranked as one of the top eight iOS non-game app 
developers globally together with other global Internet giants from June 2014 
to January 2017.