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Global Food Safety Conference 2018: Public-Private Partnerships in the Spotlight at Kick-off Press Conference
TOKYO, Mar. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

- 1,200 delegates from 52 countries attend the Global Food Safety Conference 
2018 in Tokyo, 5th-8th March, organised by the Global Food Safety Initiative 
- Key focus of this year's press conference is the importance of Public-Private 
Partnerships (PPP)
- A series of key announcements set the agenda for the year ahead in food safety

The Global Food Safety Conference, the most important event of the year for 
food safety, commenced yesterday in Tokyo, Japan. Organised by the Global Food 
Safety Initiative (GFSI), the event sees 1,200 food industry delegates from 52 
countries gather to discuss the most important issues and trends in food 
safety. The key focus of this year's press conference, taking place just before 
the opening plenary session, is Public-Private Partnerships. The announcements 
illustrate GFSI's leadership in encouraging more collaboration between 
government regulators and the private sector in advancing food safety and 
creating better lives for consumers everywhere.

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Collaboration with governments 

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) formed the central theme of this year's 
press conference, which took place just after the third edition of the 
Government to Business (G2B) meeting, which saw officials from across the world 
gather to discuss the latest opportunities for food safety collaboration 
between the public and private sectors. At this year's G2B meeting, the GFSI 
Board of Directors were joined by 40 organisations representing 25 countries 
and five IGOs. Paul Mayers, Vice-President of the Canadian Food Inspection 
Agency, Canada; Mika Yokota, Director, Food Industrial Corporate Affairs Office 
of the Food Industry Affairs Bureau and Mike Robach, Chairperson of the GFSI 
Board of Directors, chaired the meeting.

The press conference saw new partnerships announced, enabling the public and 
private sectors to drive progress on operational approaches to food safety 
culture and expand capacity based on the GFSI's Global Markets Programme - a 
framework for implementing robust food safety systems in developing markets.

Helping the industry implement food safety systems 

GFSI is committed to supporting the development of food safety in developing 
economies, and this year's GFSI press conference featured a series of 
announcements relating to the provision of financial incentives for small- to 
medium-sized FMCG businesses in developing regions. It also featured statements 
on new guidelines covering the implementation of strong food safety and quality 
processes, especially with regard to third-party auditing.

Mike Robach, Chairman of the GFSI Board and VP, Corporate Food Safety, Quality 
and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill, stated, "This year's Global Food Safety 
Conference marks a turning point for strengthening relationships between 
governments and the private sector. As Chair of the GFSI Board, I am proud to 
see the growing dialogue GFSI is leading. This kind of public-private 
collaboration is unprecedented. 10 years ago this would have been almost 
unthinkable but the support we're seeing around the world now is signalling a 
big, positive change."

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Source: Global Food Safety Initiative