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Tuesday, March 06 2018 - 19:23
Mobile Performance Marketing Platform Yeahmobi Joined the IAB Tech Lab
XI'AN, China, Mar. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Mobile performance marketing platform Yeahmobi has announced that the company 
has officially joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)'s Tech Lab, as a 
member of its openRTB working group.

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(photo caption: Yeahmobi joined iab as tech lab member)

The IAB Tech Lab is an independent, international, research and development 
consortium charged with producing and helping companies implement global 
industry technical standards. Its goal is to congregate the industry, avoid 
friction and maintain the safe and secure growth of the industry. 

In the recent years, IAB has been actively involved in trending industry 
developments. It just launched a new measurement compliance program, urging 
companies implementing critical industry measurement standards. It also works 
to battle against fraudulent traffic which harms the entire business ecosystem. 

Members of the Tech Lab were grouped according to each's strength. Yeahmobi 
joins the OpenRTB working group, which aims to continuously update the OpenRTB 
protocol. The RTB protocol used by all DSP around the globe could be traced 
back to the work done by the group. It highly recommends technological work, 
and participants have to be product owners or have other technical leads.

Yeahmobi is a leading player in mobile performance marketing field. It is 
designated to help mobile technology companies reach global growth, acquire 
active users and monetize inventory. It has proprietary tech products, such as 
YeahTargeter and YeahDSP. YeahTargeter is a retargeting tool specifically 
designed for ecommerce advertisers, while YeahDSP integrates premium traffic 
sources, enabling real-time bidding at advertiser's side. 

With the technological development achievements, Yeahmobi has proved capability 
to work on developing the latest OpenRTB specification, along with other group 
members like Amazon, Google, Twitter, FOX Networks, etc. 

After joining the IAB Tech Lab, Yeahmobi will be able to closely follow the 
industry standard and update tech products to fit the global technological 

Yeahmobi VP & Director of International Business Daisy Wu said, "Yeahmobi 
integrates global ad traffic and serves clients all over the world. After 
becoming a member of the IAB Tech Lab, we could closely keep track with the 
latest technology trends and communicate with leading players in the mobile 
advertising and marketing industry." 

Source: Yeahmobi