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Wednesday, March 14 2018 - 09:00
Amorepacific Group Enters Australia
SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Korea's biggest beauty company, Amorepacific Group enters the Australian 

- Group's global premium brand, LANEIGE coming to all Sephora stores across 
Australia on 14th March 

- Along with the launch of LANEIGE, Amorepacific Group plans to present its 
concept of Asian Beauty to Australian customers by introducing a variety of its 

Amorepacific Group, a global beauty company (represented by CEO Suh Kyung-bae 
and Amorepacific Australia GM Caroline Dunlop) announced today, its entrance 
into the Australian market with the launch of its premium brand, LANEIGE.

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Amorepacific is one of the world's largest and Korea's biggest beauty company 
with a 73-year history. In 2017, the company also marked its third consecutive 
year of being named in the Forbes' top 100 list of the world's most innovative 
companies. Following its own philosophy of Asian Beauty[1] - which is to create 
harmony between inner and outer beauty, and with the use of innovative 
technology, Amorepacific is currently leading beauty trends around the world. 
In fact, its innovative products including the cushion foundation, sleeping 
mask and boosting serum that have changed beauty routines for women all across 
the world.

LANEIGE, Amorepacific's global premium brand and its forerunner to the 
Australian market, will be available through all Sephora stores and online at across Australia on the 14th of March. Since its foundation in 
Korea in 1994, LANEIGE has been a beauty trend leader in the global market with 
innovative products based on its research on water. These products include the 
Water Sleeping Mask, Water Bank Essence and Lip Sleeping Mask. Last year, the 
brand made its successful debut in Sephora US and this year it will take to the 
stage in Australia.

Amorepacific has studied the advanced beauty market in Australia and its 
customers over several years. The study revealed that Australian customers are 
indeed very beauty conscious with a keen interest in global trends and 
innovation developed particularly to protect against strong UV rays and other 
environmental factors that can cause skin damage. It was also found that their 
preference for a natural makeup look with healthy skin has led to a growing 
interest in Korean beauty trends (also known as K-beauty).

Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by such positive views from the 
Australian customers, Amorepacific sought out a business structure optimised 
for the market and has now entered Australia with LANEIGE. In order to 
invigorate the business and concentrate on the Australian market, Amorepacific 
established its Australia office in Melbourne earlier this year. Following 
LANEIGE, Amorepacific's luxury flagship brand AMOREPACIFIC, and eco-friendly, 
natural-leaning global beauty brand innisfree are expected to be launched later 
this year to spread the essence of Asian Beauty across Australia.

"I am both pleased and proud to be the first General Manager of the Australian 
office of global beauty leader, Amorepacific Group," said Caroline Dunlop - 
Amorepacific Australia GM. "We are looking forward to working with Sephora, our 
first partner in Australia after our joint success in North America. Our 
journey of beauty in Australia will begin with the launch of LANEIGE and as we 
progress, we will continue to present many unique brand experiences to local 
customers" she added.

About Amorepacific Group

Since 1945, Amorepacific has had a single, clear mission: to present its unique 
perception of beauty¨C namely what it calls 'Asian Beauty' ¨C to the world. As 
Korea's leading beauty company, Amorepacific draws from its deep understanding 
of both nature and human to pursue harmony between inner and outer beauty. With 
its portfolio of over 20 cosmetics, personal care, and health care brands, 
Amorepacific is devoted to meeting the various lifestyles and needs of global 
consumers around the world: Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe. 
Amorepacific's research hubs located around the world are dedicated to 
sustainable R&D that combine the best of natural Asian ingredients and advanced 
bio-technology. With its world-class products, Amorepacific is acclaimed for 
the innovative ways in which it is transforming global beauty trends.

[1] The corporate philosophy to create "A More Beautiful World" by creating 
harmony between inner and outer beauty based on a deep understanding of nature 
and human, combined with Amorepacific Group's original innovative technology

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