Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Thursday, March 15 2018 - 18:02
Dongfeng Race Team won the Grand Champion of the in-port race in Auckland
AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Mar. 15, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Six race teams are currently docked in Auckland. The Team of China -- Dongfeng 
Race Team won the Grand Champion of the in-port race in Auckland. With over 
half of the race completed, Dongfeng Race Team ranked the second in the total 
standings. The competition is becoming more and more intense. The teams will 
depart from the port on March 18 and set off for the seventh leg which will 
bring double points in terms of standings.

The skipper Charles Caudrelier said that it was not easy. There were many 
unexpected things during the windy weather of the first leg, but Dongfeng Race 
Team always focused on the lead during the race and endeavored to find their 
weaknesses, surpassing them again and again and leaving other teams behind.

Dongfeng Race Team is a "union team", consisted of members from France, New 
Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, China and other 
countries. The crew of various countries and cultures keep learning from each 
other and have developed navigation skills through the course of the race. They 
also work together to cope with the worst weather conditions on the planet and 
devote all their efforts to each leg, accepting challenge and pressure for 

Skipper Charles, considered as the soul of Dongfeng Race Team, plays an 
important role in the race. He is responsible for the other eight crew members 
on board. On the shore, he has to assist Bruno Dubois, the General Manager of 
Dongfeng Race Team, to manage the team of up to 45 people. Dongfeng Race Team 
is indeed a big team gathering talents from logistics, nutrition, sports 
psychology, sailing skills, weather analysis, marketing, and communications.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Dongfeng Race Team have all worked hard to 
become benchmarks in their fiercely competitive fields. Dongfeng Motor 
Corporation continues to lead the auto field while Dongfeng Race Team stands 
out in the Volvo Ocean Race. According to Bruno Dubois, the general manager of 
Dongfeng Race Team, "We did not complete the task last season, so we came back 
and we launched a new initiative on the Volvo Ocean Race to re-challenge this 
epic adventure. But our goal is different this time, Dongfeng's trust and 
support allow us to focus on the race more than ever before and go all out." 
Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Dongfeng Race Team have always been working as 
one team. In the rest of the race, their stories will continue.

Source: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

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