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Giorgio Armani Enters the Ninth Year of its Acqua for Life Program
PARIS, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    - Acqua for Life is a development program focused on universal access to 
drinking water in water scarce regions with:

- a comprehensive approach committed to the issues of clean water, hygiene and 
- a continuous commitment since 2010, echoing the right to water and 
sanitation, recognized by the united nations as a human right that same year 
- activities in the most deprived communities in partnership with Unicef USA, 
Green Cross International and, as of 2018, WaterAid 

    For the ninth consecutive year, Acqua for Life is continuing its global 
development program. Since 2010, Acqua for Life has invested over 5.5 million 
euros in projects worldwide. To date, this has brought 880 million liters of 
water to 130,000 people in 146 communities across three continents*. In order 
to reach even more beneficiaries, as of 2018 Acqua for Life will partner with 
WaterAid, a UK based NGO, as well as historic partners Unicef USA and Green 
Cross International.


    "The issue of the environment intimately involves everyone: it should be 
addressed in a concrete way. We can in no way ignore that the future of the 
next generations depends on our choices." Giorgio Armani

    * 2017 Green Cross International figures for the Acqua for Life program

    The program: Acqua for Life

    Acqua for Life is a comprehensive program that focuses on providing access 
to clean water, which has a positive socio-economic impact on communities' 
health and livelihood.

    The Acqua for Life program helps install water points, latrines, as well as 
rainwater collection, water filtering and purification systems in areas that 
lack water, a natural element fundamental to life. This results into people 
having water to drink, prepare food every day, wash, and maintain water crops 
and their livestock. Children can attend school more regularly. Women have more 
time to focus on their children, dedicate time to their literacy and be 
productive for their community, instead of having to fetch water.

    With Acqua for Life, people reclaim the right to drinking water and 
sanitation recognized by the United Nations in 2010.

    Barbara Palvin: what #WaterMeans

    Barbara Palvin, face of Giorgio Armani's fragrance Acqua di Gioia, 
travelled to the water scarce communities of Sri Lanka. She was visibly moved 
by the people she met, and learning about their hardships due to no access to 
clean water. Seeing the enormous impact access to clean water has on literally 
every aspect of people's lives, has caused a strong commitment to the Acqua for 
Life program.

    After her visit Barbara Palvin stated: "Concretely, the actions of Acqua 
for Life let kids be kids, and help them to go to school. The access to clean 
water means improved health conditions for the full community and a better 
overall livelihood. Thanks to the Acqua for Life program, people can actually 
live their lives instead of spending their days trying to get safe water."

    Following her discovery of what #WaterMeans in Sri Lanka, Barbara Palvin is 
committed to raising awareness about the water scarcity issue, engaging people 
to share on social media what #WaterMeans in their daily lives.




    ACQUA FOR LIFE - #WATERMEANS letting kids be kids:

    ACQUA FOR LIFE - #WATERMEANS sustainable futures:

    Acqua for Life with Unicef in the United States

    For the ninth year running, Giorgio Armani's Acqua for Life campaign 
continues to help Unicef provide safe, clean drinking water to children by 
donating $5 for every Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gioia fragrance purchased in the 
United States during the month of March. Since 2010, Giorgio Armani has raised 
$4 million to support Unicef's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programs in 
Belize, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nicaragua, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, 
Haiti, Mauritania, Togo and Vietnam. For the March 2018 campaign, funds raised 
will support Unicef's WASH programs in Haiti.

    Acqua for Life with Green Cross International

    Green Cross International builds wells, latrines and washbasins to provide 
hygiene means and protect the immediate environment for the most deprived 
communities. In addition,  Green Cross International conducts awareness 
campaigns on local water issues and hygiene, especially in schools, so that 
children understand already from an early age the importance of simple actions, 
such as washing hands with soap, to prevent the spread of germs. Finally, the 
sustainability of the project also involves training adults in the proper use 
and maintenance of infrastructure.

    Since 2011, Green Cross International has implemented projects for Acqua 
for Life in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, China, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, 
Mexico and Brazil. For 2018 the focus will be in Senegal, Sri-Lanka and Bolivia.

    Acqua for Life with the new partner: WaterAid

    Acqua for Life is honored to have an additional partnership for 2018 with 
international non-profit organization WaterAid. WaterAid is working to make 
clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere 
within a generation, and is currently working in 34 countries globally to 
change the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people.

    Giorgio Armani's Aqua for Life initiative selected WaterAid to join 
existing partners Unicef US and Green Cross International due to their 
technical expertise in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector.  Other 
key factors beneficial to the partnership include WaterAid's global presence, 
collaborative approach and commitment to finding sustainable solutions to the 
WASH crisis.

    In 2018, the Acqua for Life initiative will be supporting three new 
WaterAid programs focusing on schools and health care facilities in Madagascar, 
Nepal and Papa New Guinea.

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