Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Tuesday, March 27 2018 - 14:27
China JING Liqueur, a Hit at ProWein Trade Fair
WUHAN, China, Mar. 27, 2018 /Xinhua-Asianet/--

China-based Jing Brand Co., Ltd. participated in the ProWein Trade Fair held in 
Germany this March. It was the second appearance of its JING Liqueur at the 

The ProWein Trade Fair is one of the three most famous and professional wine 
fairs in the world. The other two are Vinexpo in France and Vinitaly in Italy. 

About 6,700 commercial tenants from 61 countries and regions attended the 
three-day fair, exhibiting wines, sparkling wines and spirits produced in 300 
areas across the globe. Eight-five percent of the exhibitors were wine 

JING Liqueur attracted vintners from a dozen of countries in Europe and 
America. Vintners from Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland 
showed great interest in cooperation as JING Liqueur passed the review of 

With honors from international wine competitions, certifications and entry 
permissions from global markets and its ever expanding popularity, JING Liqueur 
demonstrates its high quality and huge influence. 

Many vintners from the United States and Canada had a high degree of 
recognition of traditional Chinese medicine and its curative effect. They 
showed great interest in the raw material samples of JING Liqueur, and 
appreciated it as it tasted "unique," "light" and "smooth."

Seeing the quality, brand influence and channel resources as well as market 
potential of JING Liqueur, many exhibitors actively sought partnership with its 
producer at the Fair.

Besides the raw materials that were on display, professional bartenders were 
also invited to make cocktails using JING Liqueur as base wine. A combination 
of oriental herbal flavor with western drinking habit brought a unique 
experience for fair-goers. A large number of overseas customers and vintners 
showed great interest in "JING cocktails".

Jing Brand Co., Ltd., founded in 1953, is a leader in China's health-care 
liqueur & spirits industry. Its revenue exceeded 1.6 billion U.S. dollars in 
2017, with 800 million bottles of JING Liqueur sold worldwide. After over a 
decade of development, the company has entered more than 20 countries since 
2016, especially in Southeast Asia. In the future it will continue its 
globalization strategy and expand its presence in the global market.

Source: Jing Brand Co., Ltd.

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