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Wednesday, March 28 2018 - 23:33
Blockchain-based Infinity Economics Platform Announces Slew of New Features
ZURICH, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Infinity Economics Platform (IEP), a new kind of cryptocurrency ecosystem 
equipped with total financial and economic features, this week announced a slew 
of new features designed to improve upon and augment the overall IEP experience 
for users in the months to come.


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Geared towards users, traders, investors, and financial institutions, IEP 
announced a new core update, future features roadmap, the listing of XIN on the 
BitBay Exchange, and a new web presence that matches these revolutionary 
announcements for the platform.

IEP's core updates support users to finance existing or future projects in an 
innovative way, enabling individuals to invest in startups while offering a 
transparent fee structure.

Next month, IEP will release "Coin Shuffling," a privacy feature that enables 
users to mix their funds quickly and efficiently with other users' funds to 
create a random mapping between the existing accounts. Following the first 
feature release, IEP will launch their "Subscription," which is a recurring 
payment feature that can be terminated by the user at any time. At the end of 
April, IEP will release "Escrow," enabling secure payments by retaining the 
buyer's coins until the terms of the sale are satisfied and the buyer releases 
the payment to the seller. Lastly, at the beginning of May, IEP is releasing 
"Smart Contracts," known as intelligent contracts that automatically fulfil the 
conditions of a contract according to predefined terms.

On March 15, 2018, IEP began listing on one of the biggest cryptocurrency 
exchanges in Europe: BitBay. Having recently launched redesigned website and 
re-launched their web presence, IEP plans to continue to developing and 
improving their ecosystem for users in the future.

About Infinity Economics Platform:
Infinity Economics Platform has been a 100% community-led project since the 
outset. This means that the deciding power of all community members corresponds 
to their voting power. This approach essentially makes us a DAO (Decentralized 
Autonomous Organization). All processes from platform development to marketing 
and documentation are organized in a decentralized manner. The "power" rests 
with the users - the only consistent and fair approach for a blockchain. 
Because we believe that's the only way to eliminate sources of error. The 
Infinity Economics platform was designed for users to decide independently of 
major investors, developers or founders - all new features are coordinated in 
advance via the built-in e-voting system.


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