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Friday, April 20 2018 - 10:00
SANY mini excavators make successful debut in Australian national expo
SYDNEY, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The 2018 National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo (DDT) has successfully concluded on 
April 15. The expo is a premier opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and 
service providers to introduce, show and demonstrate their innovations in one 
exciting and convenient location. SANY, as one of China's leading construction 
machinery manufacturers, displayed its latest mini excavators SY16C and SY35U 
at the expo. As a newcomer in Australia, SANY's debut has received widespread 
attention from Australian customers for its quality products and professional 
service. The on-site test drive and interactive games also let customers and 
their kids experience SANY mini excavator's performance in a relaxed and 
interesting atmosphere. 

Good preparation for SANY's debut

SANY views DDT as a chance to expand its market share in Australia and to let 
more local customers know about its quality products. To prepare for the expo, 
SANY shipped a batch of demo mini excavators to its storehouse in Sydney, 
offering on-site machine demonstrations and test drives to Australian 
customers. A group of professional sales staff travelled from China's SANY 
headquarters to Sydney in order to provide quality service to local customers. 

Before the opening of the expo, SANY's storehouse in Sydney had ushered in a 
number of Australian customers who were interested in SY16C and SY35U. These 
demo machines quickly sold out after customers viewed the machines and took 
them for test drives. 

Purchasing SANY mini excavators with best discount

"SY16C and SY35U can perfectly meet Australian people's needs for construction 
and renovation. They are eco-friendly and efficient, as well as versatile 
enough to be applied in many working conditions," Zhang Kai, deputy director of 
SANY's e-Business Center said, adding that SANY had launched a VIP discount and 
exclusive promotion at the expo. 

"Any customer who orders a mini excavator at DDT Expo will have the chance to 
win a one-year excavator maintenance package, cash coupon worth 500-2000 AUD 
and free door-to-door maintenance good for three uses. What's more, any 
customer who purchases more than 5 machines can get a free China Industrial 

Letting Australian customers know more about SANY's products

Zhang was very confident about SANY's future market performance in Australia. 
"Participating in the DDT expo is a move aimed at raising Australian customers' 
awareness of the high quality and outstanding performance of SANY's products. 
Actually, our demo machines sold out as soon as they arrived at Sydney, which 
shows that SANY's products have been well-received by some Australian 
customers," Zhang believes that thanks to the expo, SANY mini excavators will 
be better-known by more local people. 

Besides, demo and stock machines are available for customers in Sydney, which 
ensures that customers can get their machines as soon as possible. "By choosing 
SANY mini excavators, Australian customers will become more aware of how 
high-quality these Chinese machines are," Zhang noted. 

Quality key components attract customers 

As a newcomer to Australian market, SANY and its products are not so familiar 
to Australian customers. This expo is a good opportunity for local customers to 
get to know SANY's products better. Many local customers have high praise for 
mini excavators' strengthened X-type frame and key components. SANY mini 
excavators' high quality has helped it win a number of new Australian fans at 
the expo.

Direct selling achieves win-win result 

To show how important it believes the Australian market to be, SANY adopted a 
direct sales approach for mini excavators in Australia, a sales model which had 
expo-attendees very interested. "Mini excavators sold direct by SANY can save 
end customers money, which has benefits for both us and SANY. We are sure that 
SANY will gradually raise its brand awareness in Australia," a customer said. 
Optimistic about SANY products' quality and market prospects, many Australian 
customers said that they wanted to be SANY dealers and hoped to expand SANY's 
market share in Australia through close cooperation. 

SANY is the best Chinese brand according to overseas Chinese 

To Australian Chinese customers, SANY is no stranger. Most of them have been in 
Australia for many years and many run construction businesses. Therefore they 
are familiar with the Chinese construction machinery market. In their mind, 
SANY is the best construction machinery brand in China, providing valuable 
products and solutions for customers. "SANY's excavators are as good as any 
other global top brand's. We believe in SANY's technical strength and 
professional attitude," said a Chinese customer who lives in Australia. 

Easy controls make driving SANY's machines child's play

At the expo, many customers and their children got to test drive SANY machines 
and played interactive games in a special site set up by SANY. After simple 
explanations from SANY's staff, children operated mini excavators and easily 
completed the game tasks. Different from other excavators that can be 
complicated to operate, SANY mini excavators' flexibility and easy-operation 
mean that even children can quickly master the controls.

During the DDT expo, SANY showcased its strong brand image and high-quality 
mini excavators to Australian customers, laying a solid foundation for its 
market expanding in Australia. A number of local customers also expressed their 
willingness to cooperate with SANY to seek more market development. In the next 
step, SANY will launch a series of promotions in Australia to help more 
customers get their own high-performance machines and enjoy more benefits. 

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