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Wednesday, May 02 2018 - 17:44
The World Smile Day: Smiling Shenyang Sets Its Sail Again to Create the Most Beautiful World Map
SHENYANG, China, May 2, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On 8th May, 2018, the smile-drifting book Hello Smile 4.0 will start a new 
journey from Shenyang. As this year's smile-bridge, Shenyang Broadcasting and 
Television Station is to collect the most beautiful photos of smiles it can 
gather, with which to pass blessings, gather strength, create warmhearted 
smiling map and start happy journeys for all those whom the book is shared to.
May 8th is World Smile Day, which was established by the World Mental Health 
Organization in 1948 and is the only global festival of celebrating a human 
On May 8th 2012, the 62th World Smile Day, Hello Smile 1.0, China's first 
smile-drifting book officially started its happy journey from Shenyang to every 
corner of the world, and left its footprints in dozens of countries and 
regions, evoking strong resonance among millions of people. A series of books 
like Hello Smile and Smile Travel Journal have been published one by one, and 
Shenyang Broadcasting and Television Station has traced the whole process. 

The themes of Smiling Shenyang have varied over the past six years:

2012 -- The smiles setting sail from Shenyang;
2013 -- Smiling Shenyang welcoming National Games;
2014 -- Loving Smiling Shenyang;
2015 -- Connecting the world with smiles;
2016 -- See the smiles, city smiles;
2017 -- Smiles, the power of change.

All these themes of the past 6 years share the same idea, the power of smiles.


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SOURCE: Shenyang Broadcasting and Television Station

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