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Wednesday, May 30 2018 - 21:42
Ambertime Blockchain Luxury Cruise International Summit Round Off
SHANGHAI, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On May 25, 2018, Ambertime Blockchain Luxury Cruise International Summit was 
held successfully at Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Ovation of the Seas. 
The theme of the summit was Ambertime: Application Matters Most. Meetings and 
discussions mainly covered Ambertime (AMT)'s programs and their relative 
(Big wheel from cooperative enterprises signed contract at the summit) 

The attendees of the summit are owners of blockchain-related institutions and 
companies with wide backgrounds from maritime, sports and movie industries. It 
was a fruitful gathering for in-field professions and people to share the 
latest information in the area of blockchain and exchange their views with 
current dynamics in the market.
(Lecturers of AMT Business School spoke about Ambertime)

Guests of the summit came from various industries and fields. Guests included 
Shenzhen Yari Media CEO and founder of Philippine Paramount, Yejin Zhu, who is 
also a director and movie producer as well as founder of We Are surfing club 
and chief judge of General Administration of Sport; Zi Ying, market director of 
Narwhal Sea Sport Center Hongyu Xu and founder and CEO of IYAT; representative 
of global top yacht company Burgress and agency of ROCK Shuai Wang; as well as 
CEO of Lehuo Group Jiahui Shan. Shenzhen Hanghai Culture Communication Pioneer 
and motor of cross-discipline Huapin Shuo and founder of Shenchuang College Shi 
Bao were also invited to come. Everyone was quite excited and glad to be a 
member of this amazing party.   

Ambertime is the first blockchain platform that provides "One-Key Uplink" 
Technology Service, and its major business focuses on educational institutions, 
training institutions, travelling agencies and other intellectual property 
protection industries. Ambertime is able to offer bottom AMT blockchain 
technology platform as well as standardized protocol and provides unified API 
port to link front-end applications of service providers and AMT blockchain. In 
this way, Ambertime could help companies and organizations adjust business 
operations and benefits allocations as well as their new business strategies.
(Surfing Master Yuki gave lecture on surfing plus blockchain business new 
business model)

Founder of Shenchuang College, Shi Bao gave a brief introduction of the first 
college that provides blockchain technology training in China. Shenchuang 
College adopts AMT and is the first educational institution that provides 
blockchain certification. It invites many known scholars, teachers and business 
leaders with blockchain knowledge and provides professional training, 
consulting and information on trends to the public. 

In order to expand AMT's influence, AMT business school was set up. In the 
gathering time, the leader of AMT business school, Mr. Lei Zheng described the 
detailed situation of AMT business school which is one of the best educational 
institutions under Ambertime. AMT business school uses Ambertime blockchain 
technology to register, check classroom attendance, offer certifications, and 
make payments. The purpose of this school is to provide the most creative and 
comprehensive educational model to the public. Many outstanding courses, such 
as Introduction of Bottom Course, Finance Course and others, are aimed to 
cultivate 5,000 top talents in one year.
(Participants coming from various industries all over the world)

At the meeting, Philippine Paramount's CEO Yejin Zhu, spoke about his company's 
business model and how AMT blockchain technology supported his company's 
operation through utilizing AMT technology. Philippines Paramount can overcome 
many problems such as money collection, intellectual property protection, 
movies' propaganda, etc. The very first movie in the world using blockchain 
technique to capital raising, selling and gaining is Shark's Mission. What's 
deserved to mentioned is that audiences could pay by AMTC to watch the movie.

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