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Tuesday, June 05 2018 - 17:45
Charming Luquan awaits global tourists
SHIJIAZHUANG, China, June 5, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The Second Tourism Development Conference of Shijiazhuang City, capital city of 
Hebei Province, will be held in Luquan District, a beautiful place seated at 
the eastern side of Taihang Mountains from June 9 to June 11, according to 
Luquan District People's Government.

Shijiazhuang is an outstanding tourism city in China, with 39 state-level key 
cultural relics protection units, 105 provincial-level ones as well as many 
state-level and provincial-level scenic spots, historical and cultural cities, 
according to Li Weijun, head of Luquan District.

With Taihang Mountains at its western side and the Hutuo River at its northern 
side, Luquan District has 8 rivers and 13 reservoirs in its territory and 26 
natural scenic areas. It is the nearest naturally advantageous district to the 
capital city, which is surrounded in a crescent-shaped manner by Luquan 

Luquan District has developed four major feature tourism sections: the industry 
and trade tour in the south, sports tour in the central region, interactive 
tour in the north and urban leisure tour, making it a top choice for hosting 
the provincial capital city's tourism conference.

"In recent years, Luquan District has spent 39 billion yuan on comprehensively 
upgrading 17 existing tourism projects and introducing 13 new ones with 
characteristics of various parts of China," said Li Weijun, adding that these 
tourism projects will be on display during the conference. He outlined some 
eye-catching attractions: "Evergreen West" is a first-class leisure tourism 
vacation complex in China; "China-Israel Agricultural Science Town" is the 
country's largest agricultural sightseeing project in cooperation with Israel; 
"Longquan Ancient Town" can be comparable to water towns "Wuzhen" and "Gubei 
Water Town"; "Junlebao Dairy Town" is a model of industrial tourism in north 
China; "Spring Festival Eve Style Town" is the brother town of Zhejiang Anji 
Spring Festival Eve Style Town; "Baodu Village Scenic Area" which enjoys the 
reputation of "a military battlefield, blessed place, heavenly illusion and 
paradise on earth", has China's largest mountain gate -- the South Gate to 
Heaven, China's first underground rock carving of the hall of five 
hundred arhats on mountain top, Hanxin Temple with China's largest 
mountain stone mural decoration, Golden Palace and Myriad Buddha Cave.

Luquan has been a county-level administrative unit for more than 4,000 years. 
Historical records show that Luquan was called Shiyi during the Warring States 
Period, and then renamed Luquan County during the Sui Dynasty. It was renamed 
as Huolu County after the An-Shi Rebellion in Tang Dynasty in AD 756 because 
the rebellious general An Lushan was captured here.

Huolu County was approved by the State Council in December 1998 to be opened to 
the public and was renamed Luquan City. On September 23, 2014, with the 
approval of the State Council, Luquan City was withdrawn and Luquan District of 
Shijiazhuang City was established.

Luquan District has been advancing road construction and scenic area 
transformation in recent years. The 100-Chinese mile-long avenue in front of 
the Taihang Mountains winds through mountains and rivers, stringing most of the 
tourist attractions. On both sides of road are 20 tourist toilets, 9 
first-class upgraded reception hotels with 3,100 beds, 30 restaurants, 50 
farmhouses and 44,000 parking spaces.

It's remarkable that Luquan District has combined digital and offline tourism 
by including all the information on scenic spots, roads, stations, toilets, 
parking lots, accommodations and restaurants into a digital platform which 
allows visitors to easily have their tourism demands met with a cellphone.

Source: Luquan District People's Government, Shijiazhuang City

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