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Saturday, June 09 2018 - 20:14
Jiangxi promotes unique tourism resources in Europe
NANCHANG, China, June 9, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On June 1 and June 5, the "Discovering Unique Jiangxi" tourism promotion event 
was held in Frankfurt, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic respectively. The 
event sent a sincere invitation to European tourists, travel market players and 
investors to let more European tourists know about Jiangxi and long for a visit 
there, according to Jiangxi Tourism Development Commission.

At the two promotion campaigns in Germany and the Czech Republic, elements of 
Jiangxi can be found everywhere, indulging visitors in the province's rich 
culture. The colors of camphor tree green, rhododendron red and blue-and-white 
porcelain blue impressed people from Germany and Czech. Meanwhile, porcelain 
music, tea performances, Jingdezhen ceramics, and Jiangxi scenery pictures have 
given attendants a deeper understanding of Jiangxi's tourism resources, history 
and culture.

At the promotion campaigns, the Jingdezhen ancient kiln porcelain band members 
performed with porcelain-made musical instruments. The unique oriental 
porcelain music attracted tourists from all over the world to stop and watch. 
The fusion of folk music and porcelain impressed the audience and won their 
applause. When the familiar melody sounded, onlookers sang together 
involuntarily. At that moment, culture and music went beyond national borders 
and let more people know Jiangxi.

Jiangxi boasts a beautiful ecological environment and many tourist attractions, 
including 5 world heritage sites and 10 national 5A-level scenic spots.

With unique scenery, Jiangxi awaits tourists worldwide.

Source: Jiangxi Tourism Development Commission

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