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Tuesday, June 12 2018 - 16:59
Taiwan Tourism Bureau to end "unlicensed rentals" with hundreds of tour operators supporting supreme accommodation
TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Taiwan Tourism Bureau held a press conference to promote legal accommodation 
and end "unlicensed rentals" on June 12 in the main hall of the Taipei Main 
Station where visitors from Taiwan and overseas gather. It also announced that 
the government will conduct stringent inspections on property owners of 
unlicensed rentals in an effort to provide safe and premium accommodation for 
international tourists.

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Taiwan Tourism Bureau against "unlicensed rentals" with hundreds of tour 

More than 500 tour operators from around the island were dressed in T-shirts 
with "Backlash against Illegal Rentals" slogan to support the government's 
efforts of controlling unlicensed rentals that have a huge impact on Taiwan's 
travel safety and image. 

A number of high-quality travel service providers in Taiwan, including Ez 
Travel, Cola Tour, Star Travel, Ezfly International Travel, and Lion Travel 
were also praised at today's press conference. They high-fived each other and 
took an oath on stage to oppose the sales of unlicensed rentals while fully 
promoting those of legal hotels. The bureau expressed its approval and assured 
the general public that making reservations on their travel sites is safe. For 
those foreign OTA that cannot attend the event, Rakuten promises that will 
proactively review and oppose the unlicensed rentals, while and 
Agoda promise to fight unlicensed rental when they receive report violation 
reports. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau will publish the names of non-supportive 
platforms on ( and issue news 
releases with an aim to protect travelers' safety.

Data from AirDNA, an international data analysis website, showed that the 
primary consumer groups of backpackers and travelers renting short-term housing 
are young people aged between 21 and 30 who relatively lack comprehensive 
safety considerations.

In recent years, the bureau has continued to promote the concept of legal 
accommodation, and its efforts bear fruit. In addition to working with local 
governments in the implementation of fines, punishments and business closures, 
the bureau's Travel and Accommodation Department also said that the government 
has actively controlled the sales of unlicensed rentals from travel agencies. 
Meanwhile, the bureau has also imposed heavy taxes and hefty penalties on 
unlicensed sales of unlicensed rentals provided by overseas travel e-commerce 

A number of premium travel agencies in Taiwan were also praised at today's 
press conference. "Taiwan has more than tens of thousands of legal hotels and 
B&Bs, which means that there is enough hotel supply in the travel market," Ez 
Travel said. "The responsibility of travel agencies should be actively 
developing and cooperating with legal hotels, thereby creating a win-win 
situation for the tourism industry. The consumer disputes arising from the 
sales of cheap and unlicensed rentals would create a negative impact on the 
image of the travel agencies and cause a great loss for them."

The international travel platform, Lion Travel, also pointed out that it will 
provide consumers with safe, clean B&Bs at reasonable prices. But if local 
governments discovered any violation and verified it, the hotel-related 
products would be removed from their travel website.

The bureau suggested that ( provides 
detailed information on legal travel and accommodation that can help minimize 
the risk of traveling and add safety into the happy memories of traveling.

The premium travel websites recommended by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau are as 

EZ Travel
Lion Travel
Easy Fly

SOURCE  Taiwan Tourism Bureau