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Wednesday, June 13 2018 - 06:44
Huawei Launches the Intent-Driven Networking for CloudFabric Solution
HANNOVER, Germany, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Enabling Data Centers to Become Business Value Centers           

At CEBIT 2018, which was held in Hannover, Germany, Huawei announced a 
comprehensive upgrade of the CloudFabric solution that makes it easier for 
customers to adopt intent-driven networking for their data centers. Huawei also 
launched a 400G core switching platform with the highest performance in the 
industry. Huawei's Intent-Driven Networking for CloudFabric Solution helps 
enterprises identify intent to implement automatic network configuration, 
predictive analysis, and intelligent O&M with continuous verification and 
optimization. In addition, it achieves physical network connectivity with 
ultra-broadband, low latency, and zero packet loss, transforming data centers 
into business value centers.

The Global Connectivity Index 2018 [1] released by Huawei reveals that basic 
connectivity, once integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), will evolve 
into intelligent connectivity, stimulating innovation and creating a new round 
of economic growth. Based on the concepts of intelligence, simplicity, 
ultra-broadband, openness, and security, Huawei's Intent-Driven Networking for 
CloudFabric Solution upgrades the Agile Controller to automatically identify 
intent and improve business agility. This solution also uses the data center 
network analyzer FabricInsight to implement predictive analysis and automatic 
anomaly detection, make the operation modes more future-proof, and build an 
automatic, predictable, and self-healing closed-loop system focused on user 

Wang Lei, General Manager of Huawei's Data Center Network Domain, said: 
"Intelligent connectivity is the core of enterprise digital platforms. Our new 
Intent-Driven Networking for CloudFabric Solution is driven by users' business 
logic and service strategy to build an intelligent platform that connects 
business intent to the network architecture, better enabling digital 

The new functions and key components of the Intent-Driven Networking for 
CloudFabric Solution include:

 -- Intent-driven network automation: The Agile Controller can automatically 
complete network design based on customers' service intent, improving service 
provisioning efficiency ten-fold. A single Agile Controller cluster can manage 
3000 leaf nodes at the access layer and can be scaled up to 100,000 servers. In 
addition, the 1:1 active/standby controller cluster greatly improves system 
availability and ensures zero service interruption during automatic switchover 
between the active and standby nodes. Based on an open standard architecture, 
the Agile Controller can interconnect with multiple cloud platforms to 
implement flexible resource sharing and scheduling. 
 -- Predictive analysis and anomaly detection: The new FabricInsight 
establishes a network behavior model based on Big Data analytics and machine 
learning, continuously verifies network status to support predictive 
maintenance and network anomaly detection in seconds, and automatically 
associates network anomalies (such as congestion) with affected services, 
helping customers locate and rectify faults within minutes. 
 -- Industry's highest-performance 400G core switching platform: The CE12800 
core switch supports 36 x 400G line cards and is the first of its kind in the 
industry to implement end-to-end 400G interconnection. This effectively 
eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, reduces the per-GB traffic cost by 20%, and 
supports smooth evolution for the next 10 years.

Looking into the future, the rapid development of digital transformation drives 
continuous innovation of networks. Based on the concept of intent-driven 
networking, Huawei Intent-Driven Networking for CloudFabric Solution will 
continue to provide advanced, scenario-oriented solutions and products for 
large service providers, enterprises, or commercial customers, leading data 
center networks to understand customers' business intent and achieve automatic 
and intelligent network deployment and operations. This enables data centers to 
become business value centers.

Huawei together with its partners and customers is showcasing new digital 
transformation solutions to orchestrate a digital symphony at CEBIT from June 
11-15 in Germany, the home of classical music. It is also hosting activities 
and sharing best practices around Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence 
(AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), 
all of which play a critical role in today's digital transformation.

Huawei's booth is at Area C01 in Hall 13, Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany. 
For more information about Huawei at CEBIT, please visit To learn more about Huawei's 
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[1] Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2018  

SOURCE: Huawei