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Tuesday, June 26 2018 - 20:45
UnionPay QR code payment debuts in North America
TORONTO, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

UnionPay International announced today that it has partnered with Bank of China 
(Canada) in enabling all the stores of Foodymart in Canada to accept UnionPay 
QR code payment. Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, Li Aihua, President 
of Bank of China (Canada), and Wei Chengyi, Chairman of Foodymart attended the 
launching ceremony. Some food and beverage merchants in California, the US, 
have recently started accepting UnionPay QR code payment too. This is the first 
time that UnionPay's QR code payment is launched in Canada and the United 
States. It is expected that the number of merchants accepting UnionPay QR code 
payment in North America will reach 5,000 within this year.

North America is a major destination for Chinese outbound tourists. China has 
been the largest source of international students for the US and Canada for 
many consecutive years too. Through cooperation with major institutions in 
North America, UnionPay International has continued to improve its local 
acceptance network. So far, almost all ATMs in the US accept UnionPay cards for 
cash withdrawal. Over 80% of merchants in the US accept UnionPay credit card. 
In Canada, with the top five banks have all carried out UnionPay cards 
acceptance, 90% ATMs and over 160,000 merchants accept UnionPay cards.

Based on its expanding acceptance network, UnionPay International is expediting 
rolling out mobile payment services such as UnionPay mobile QuickPass and QR 
code payment to expand the usage channels of the "UnionPay" app. So far, about 
80,000 POS terminals in the US accept UnionPay mobile QuickPass, and this 
figure is expected to grow to 250,000 within this year. There are also 
thousands of daily consumer merchants in Canada that have accepted UnionPay 
mobile QuickPass. After the launch of UnionPay QR code payment this time, users 
of the "UnionPay" app can conveniently scan and pay at the Foodymart stores in 
Toronto and Vancouver, as well as at restaurants such as Hai Di Lao Hot Pot in 
San Francisco.

Cai Jianbo said, to follow the increasing trend of personnel exchanges between 
China and US, Canada, as well as more and more using "UnionPay" app 
domestically, UnionPay is expanding the scope of acceptance of mobile payment 
services outside of mainland China and pushing the debut of UnionPay's QR code 
payment in North America, which opens new perspectives for the promotion of the 
"UnionPay" app. UnionPay International is expediting rolling out its innovative 
payment services by improving the linkage between different markets. Firstly, 
we are expanding the acceptance scope of UnionPay's mobile payment services, 
focusing particularly on the fields of daily consumption and transportation. 
Secondly, we are exploring collaboration opportunities on e-wallet development 
with switch networks, issuers and retail groups to offer global customers 
mobile payment services that are based on UnionPay cards. Thirdly, we will 
encourage those who favor UnionPay mobile payment services to use them 
domestically. Fourthly, we have built platforms to support payment innovation, 
and have completed drawing up the technical framework of UnionPay innovative 
business, which has effectively promoted the launch of our innovative services 

Li Aihua said that, Bank of China (Canada) is actively practicing the 
development strategy of building a world-class bank in a new era. As the 
leading acquirer of UnionPay in Canada, we continue to develop new technologies 
and services in order to enhance the customer experience. Our launch of QR code 
payment service together with UnionPay International will better serve the 
growing number of Chinese visitors to Canada. This will further enrich the 
mobile payment products in Canada too and provide more payment services for 
people traveling between China and Canada.

To date, users of the "UnionPay" app can enjoy secure and convenient mobile 
payment services in 26 countries and regions outside mainland China. UnionPay 
QR code payment has been accepted in 21 countries and regions outside mainland 
China. In Southeast Asia, in particular, it is increasingly smooth to pay with 
UnionPay QR code. Via the "UnionPay" app, users are also able to activate 
UnionPay mobile QuickPass service, which are accepted at more than one million 
POS terminals in Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, etc.

SOURCE: UnionPay International