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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 13:02
Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodle resumes romance with pasta in Rome
ROME, Italy June 27, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

After an encounter in Beijing last year, Lanzhou beef noodle and pasta met 
again, and this time it's in Rome. Lanzhou held a campaign on June 25 to 
promote its culture and tourism in the ancient city of Italy where the two 
local delicacies resumed romance along the Silk Road and helped enhance ties 
between the two cities. 

An exciting showdown was staged at the Sheraton Roma Hotel where chefs from the 
two countries made noodles on spot, bringing a "food feast" to the audience. Ma 
Wenbin, the fourth-generation successor of Lanzhou beef noodle, demonstrated 
how the delicacy should be made. At the hands of Ma, a piece of dough about 20 
centimeters in length and about 4 centimeters in diameter was pulled into 
noodles of different widths. The amazing craftsmanship impressed Italian guests 
on site who saw the process for the first time.

Pierandrea Giagnoli from Italy is a passionate chef specializing in authentic, 
regional cuisine and recipes. His highest pursuit is to find simple and 
authentic raw materials, and present the taste of food in the plainest way. At 
the event, Pierandrea Giagnoli was engaged in making pasta as if it is one 
piece of artwork. Different sauces offer the food a vital taste.

Lanzhou beef noodle is one representative food of Lanzhou, capital city of west 
China's Gansu Province and one key city along the Silk Road. As one of China's 
top ten noodles, it enjoys a history of 102 years and is known for its 
delicious soup and refined noodles. Lanzhou is also honored as hometown of 
China's beef noodles. Pasta, with its unique taste and exotic flavors, is 
popular across the world as one of the most representative Western food. It is 
said that the first thing that every Lanzhou child who returns home will do is 
to eat a bowl of authentic beef hand-pulled noodle, while each Italian can tell 
a lot of stories about pasta. People from Lanzhou and Italy share similar 
attached feelings for the noodle and pasta, making them feel like old friends 
at the first meeting.

The event was held by Lanzhou government's publicity department and supported 
by the News & Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou Culture and 
Tourism Department, Lanzhou Beef Noodle Industry Association as well as the 
Italian Federation of Chefs. It is one of Lanzhou's activities to promote 
international exchanges. The event aims to leverage noodle and pasta to enhance 
mutual understanding in tourism, culture, food and other fields between China 
and Italy. It is expected to help tell more Lanzhou stories to the world and 
facilitate people-to-people and business exchanges.

SOURCE: Lanzhou Beef Noodle Industry Association

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