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KT SAT Eyes SE Asian Market at CommunicAsia 2018
SEOUL, South Korea, June 27, 2018/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

-Offering Cutting-Edge Services to Southeast Asia via KOREASAT-7 and 5A 
-North Korea Seen as Potential KT SAT Service Market Following Summits

SEOUL, South Korea, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- KT SAT Co., the 
satellite-operating subsidiary of KT Corp. (KRX: 030200; NYSE: KT), is offering 
its cutting-edge satellite services to potential Southeast Asian customers this 
week at CommunicAsia 2018, the largest Asia-Pacific trade show for broadcasting 
and telecommunications.

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At the two-day fair held from June 26 in Singapore, KT SAT Chief Executive 
Officer Hahn Won-Sic said the company is positioned to expand its global 
customer base, thanks to two high-powered KT satellites launched in 2017. KT 
SAT will focus on transponder leasing and regional Maritime Very Small Aperture 
Terminal (MVSAT) services. 

"We are a global powerhouse in satellite communications, backed by our strong 
resources in technology and manpower as well as support from our parent KT 
Group, a leader in information communication technology (ICT)," Hahn said. "We 
want to demonstrate our prowess at CommunicAsia as a leading satellite operator 
for the global market."

Southeast Asian businesses are at the top of the company's list of potential 
customers. With KOREASAT-7 and 5A respectively positioned at 116 degrees east 
and 113 degrees east, and both placed high above Indonesia, KT SAT is prepared 
to gain a substantial foothold in Southeast Asia, Hahn said.

KT SAT is also well placed to provide services to other regions, with 
KOREASAT-5A's coverage extending from Korea's East Sea to the Arabian Sea. 
Further, the satellite's MVSAT service can be optimized for specific maritime 
areas. As an ultra-high-speed, two-way Internet-Protocol (IP) broadband 
ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service, the satellite can generate 
beams dedicated for high-throughput maritime coverage.

Hahn and his staff are promoting KT SAT's increased capacity for providing 
global services through its new satellites to Southeast Asian business 
representatives at CommunicAsia 2018. The company's promotional kit includes an 
introduction to the turn-key solutions offered by its teleport, the Kumsan 
Satellite Service Center. KT SAT provides its customers with a complete set-up 
process -- from client consultations and product designing to delivery, 
installation, pilot testing, education, inspection and regulatory approval.

KT SAT is also promoting the services it provides in partnership with KT 
Skylife Co., a satellite-broadcasting subsidiary of KT Corp. Skylife LTE TV and 
an Android set-top box with its operating system for Telebee -- an over-the-top 
streaming service that gives subscribers access to Skylife TV programs -- are 
being displayed at the CommunicAsia 2018 KT SAT booth.

The two partners are additionally offering a consultancy for businesses 
starting satellite broadcasting or content transmission. This service is a 
result of the expertise KT SAT has gained from satellite operation over the 
past five decades and KT Skylife's know-how operating a satellite-broadcasting 
platform. Their partnership also includes providing communications 
infrastructure and ICT, as well as satellite broadcasting services.

Another possible venture for KT SAT is telecommunications services in North 
Korea, where mobile communication is at an early stage of development. With 
CommunicAsia 2018 occurring weeks after South Korea-North Korea and North 
Korea-U.S. summits, KT SAT is now stressing that it is available to provide 
satellite communication services for North Korea, as a satellite operator 
representing South Korea, whenever possible.

KT Corp., South Korea's largest telecommunications company, said earlier this 
month that its satellite business operator would gear up efforts to bring the 
next stage of technology to both outer space as well as the Korean peninsula.

Because the two Koreas have recently made steps towards peace, KT SAT hopes to 
soon launch its satellite service in North Korea, a potential market for 
communications and broadcasting networks. KT Corp. has created a special task 
force to support inter-Korean cooperation and broaden exchanges in the ICT 

KT SAT, Korea's only satellite service provider, is aiming to become the 
seventh-largest global operator by 2025. The company plans to focus on using 5G 
mobile technologies in outer space, apply quantum cryptography to satellite 
communication and provide a blockchain service for secure data sharing.

To expand its service areas, KT SAT is seeking collaboration with foreign 
satellite operators. By launching a roaming service in cooperation with foreign 
operators, it expects to provide satellite service in unexplored markets.

KT SAT has 48 years of satellite service experience. It has run its own booth 
for the past five consecutive years at the CommunicAsia annual trade show. 
CommunicAsia 2017 drew 1,158 participating companies, including Intelsat and 
SES, and more than 18,000 visitors.

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