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Saturday, June 30 2018 - 00:35
Century-old Iron Bridge witnesses consolidating Sino-Germany friendship
HAMBURG, Germany, June 29, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

With the aim to promote Lanzhou City in Germany and facilitate exchanges 
between the northwestern Chinese city with Germany's Hamburg by leveraging a 
famous Lanzhou-based bridge made of Germany iron, "Feeling Lanzhou", an 
inter-city cultural exchange event between the two countries, was held in 
Germany's second largest city Hamburg on June 28.

The international cultural exchange event commemorating a bridge of friendship 
aims to carry forward the Belt and Road Initiative's spirit of "peaceful 
cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and 
win-win". It was hosted by Lanzhou's publicity department and supported by the 
city's international communication office, News & Information Center with 
Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou Culture & Tourism Bureau, Lanzhou Beef Noodle 
Association and Hamburg German-Chinese Exchange Association and the China-EU 
Cultural Association. Guests including Wang Wei, acting consul general of the 
Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg, Uwe Kullnick, the president of European 
Chinese Culture Exchange attended the event.

As Lanzhou's first major transport channel spanning over the Yellow River, the 
Zhongshan Bridge is all made of steel from Germany, representing the friendship 
between the two countries. Hamburg has over two thousand of bridges and is 
known as the City of Bridges, thus it is a trip of friendship for the Zhongshan 
Bridge's hometown to visit Hamburg.

"By this event in Germany's Hamburg, we present the unique Silk Road culture, 
Yellow River culture and Chinese culture in northwest China and Lanzhou, aiming 
to build a communication platform between two famous cities and seek 
comprehensive cooperation and win-win development in cultural exchanges, 
long-term friendship and economic and trade activities," said Su Yong, head of 
the international communication office with the People's Government of Lanzhou.

Various performances with Lanzhou features were displayed during the event. The 
attendees were awed by the ingenuity of the intangible cultural heritage 
Lanzhou gourd carving. The performance of the Qinqiang Opera and Dunhuang dance 
with "pipa", a traditional Chinese musical instrument, played behind the back 
also received a round of applause. The most impressive part was the live making 
of Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodle. At the hands of Ma Wenbin, the 
fourth-generation successor of the craftsmanship, a dough was pulled into 
noodles of different widths, awing viewers on the site. They were impressed by 
the taste of the noodle and said they look forward to the opening of an 
authentic Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodle restaurant in Germany, which will be 
a hit among local people.

In addition, the Lanzhou Zhongshan Iron Bridge Construction History Photo 
Exhibition featuring works from the two countries was also opened on the same 
day in Hamburg and will last for 15 days. The Lanzhou Culture & Tourism Bureau 
and Lanzhou Federation of Literary & Art Fields signed cultural and tourism 
exchange and cooperation agreements with the Hamburg German-Chinese Exchange 
Association and the China-EU Cultural Association. A liaison office in Hamburg 
to promote Lanzhou's culture and tourism was also unveiled that day.

The international cultural exchange activity will facilitate higher-level of 
exchanges and cooperation between the two cities on trade and business, culture 
and tourism, talent training and other aspects, increasing inter-connectivity 
and promoting mutual development.

"The exchange event will improve two peoples' understanding of each other. Both 
sides can gain inspiration from each other's history and culture and deepen 
bilateral ties," said Wang Wei, acting consul general of the Chinese Consulate 
General in Hamburg.

Source: Lanzhou Culture & Tourism Bureau

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