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Thursday, July 12 2018 - 12:00
DATAVLT foresees a correlation crunch in the era of hyper-personalization
SINGAPORE, July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Blockchain data analytics will be a game changer for understanding customer 

The key to customer engagement lies in knowing and understanding the customers. 
The companies that can personalise their services to their desired customers 
will ultimately win. But how do marketers make sense of so much data to create 
something that is truly personalised?

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Known as hyper-personalisation, it is no longer sufficient to have only a 
superficial understanding of customers. Companies are now at a stage in 
marketing technology where they have the data to truly dig deeper and to 
intimately understand the drivers of consumer behaviour; to not only meet their 
expectations, but to anticipate those expectations, and to ultimately engage 
with them.

Many consumers want brands to understand them better, and to know when and when 
not to approach them. Similarly, equally large numbers of marketers are focused 
on their data analytics capabilities, bespoke communications technologies, and 
customer profile data management platforms to deliver personalized customer 
experiences. Despite this however, the overwhelming majority of these 
professionals are still finding it difficult to engage with their consumers in 
a genuinely personalised manner, in real time. 

The difficulty arises in gathering insights quickly and efficiently, having 
enough relevant data, and the problem of inaccurate data. Blockchain technology 
addresses this challenge head-on, allowing marketers to make personalization a 
streamlined process by taking the complexity out of data analytics, and making 
sense of it all.

"Data is everything in our modern-age, this is especially the case for 
marketers," said DATAVLT co-founder, Michelle Yeo. "The problem with current 
methods of data analytics, and storage, is the way in which they are stored and 
siloed based on different departments. This creates a situation where companies 
do not have a proper, broad understanding of their own data."

She should know too. Yeo spent a significant part of professional career in 
marketing and communications before being compelled to create a data analytics 
platform on blockchain technology.

Hyper-personalization requires quality data and targeted data technology. 
DATAVLT's distributed ledger technology ensures that all stored data is 
transparent across siloes, and any changes made are verified and immutable. 
DATAVLT can help marketers supercharge their efforts in hyper-personalizing 
their offerings to consumers by providing advanced, yet user-friendly data 


DATAVLT is an agile, innovative, on-demand, data analytics platform, secured by 
Blockchain technology, that has been designed to provide users with integrated 
and correlated insights. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning 
capabilities, this platform empowers enterprises to make meaningful sense of 
big data and scale cost efficiently. Essentially, DATAVLT is an end-to-end 
data/information management platform. Contact us at